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Hey friends! This past year has been like no other, but as things are starting to turn the corner, we have to remind ourselves to celebrate the moments.

This year we’re celebrating Summer in a big way because we weren’t able to do so last year with everything going on.

celebrating Summer's birthday with American Greetings and Walmart

If it’s one thing we know how to do, it’s birthdays. And in addition to decorating a mean birthday table, greeting cards are a huge part of our birthday traditions because we think they are an amazing way to articulate to loved ones how much you care.

See, it’s 6 of us, and for each one of our birthdays, we each pick out a card individually to share with the birthday girl or boy.

This is why we frequent Walmart’s greeting card section for all of our birthdays because we know we can count on American Greetings, Birthday Cards to help us express our love and sentiments in the most expressive way possible.

Lots of times when we’re sending cards to our family members, they always ask us how we know what to say, and it’s simple for us, but I know that’s not always the case for everyone else, so now I send them straight to American Greetings’ popular article “What to Write in a Greeting Card.”

We take our time and head to Walmart and choose a card that has the best way of expressing our thoughts and feelings. At the moment there is a Buy 2 American Greetings card, get one FREE ( now – 8/21)

As a result, we all end up with at least 5 birthday cards per birthday, and we each have shoeboxes full of American Greetings Birthday Cards that we’ve collected over the years, and it’s so special to go back and read through them when we’re alone.

So we’ve made it a tradition, and we’re training Summer to expect nothing less than that!

Here’s a peek at the ones she got this year

American Greetings cards found at Walmart

beautiful American Greetings Cards from WalmartToddler American Greetings birthday cards from Walmart

Her siblings picked these out for her, and they nailed her personality perfectly.

Her dad and I still have to pick ours out for her, but she got a chance to get a sneak peek at them, and she’s head over heels excited!

Summer Whitaker and American Greetings cards from Walmart

It doesn’t matter how busy life is getting now that things are getting back to normal when it’s time to celebrate, you can’t forget the birthday cards.

They’re such an amazing way to express your feelings, and the memories you’re providing to the person who is receiving the card will last as long as they save them, and believe me, they will!

So long story short, don’t forget the card, and if you can’t figure out what to say, head over to American Greetings’ article “What to Write in a Birthday Card” and snag a few ideas; trust me, you’ll thank me for it later!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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