This year Spring Break was a lot different for the kids. It’s usually a time where Tim and I take off and try to get in a quick trip or adventure so the kids can say they did something fun with the family over the break.

Well COVID-19 had different plans for us and put a lot of our plans on hold, but before things really got messy, we were able to get out and enjoy one of our local theme parks and let the kids have a little bit of fun.

It was kind of a blessing and a curse because we went the weekend right before everything shut down so there weren’t a lot of people there, but the park also had a lot of the attractions closed down for safety measures, so the kids didn’t get to experience that part, but we’ll make it our point to go back as soon as everything goes back to normal so they can get the full experience.

Our time at Sea World

So the amusement park we took them to was Sea World San Antonio. Like I said this particular weekend a lot of the park was closed just to keep us as safe as possible but as you can see the kids didn’t let that stop their party at all.

the whitakers at sea world spring break 2020

Ordinarily, we try to get some shots of the kids before things get started and that proves to be pretty difficult because they about lose it when they see where we’re going, so we take what we can get and keep it moving, lol.

We started in the area designed for Summer

When you first arrive there’s an area of the park that is specifically designed for kids under 5. There’s a mixture of water fun, rides and activities that they can ride on but Summer wasn’t feeling it much at first.

So we spent a good amount of time trying to convince her that she should even put her hand in the water, lol. But once she got it, she was alright but she definitely wasn’t here for running through water in the beginning.

the attractions that the older kids wanted to see. 

Our oldest daughter is into the stunt shows and animal shows, but unfortunately, those weren’t open. She’s not really into roller coasters either so she mainly walked around and enjoyed the snacks, lol while the rest of us rode rides.

Because all of the attractions were closed because the park was making sure we were safe, our only options were to really ride the roller coasters and water rides.

What we love about Sea World is that while it is an amusement park, it’s not incredibly huge so you really do get to experience the entire park in one visit and not feel like you missed anything.

It’s also a perfect mix of water fun, roller coasters, animal attractions, and games.

So we let the kids choose and ride as much as they wanted, this was especially cool because the lines weren’t long because a lot of people were staying at home.

Morgan and Elijah probably enjoyed most of the rides.

So for the most part of our visit, we rode roller coasters and really enjoyed each other’s company.

Jorda isn’t here for the roller coasters so she watched the baby when Tim and I wanted to get on a ride.

We definitely plan to go back when Corona gets up out of here. We’d love to experience all the park has to offer. We’ve been before when Morgan was about Summer’s age, but we def want to see how Summer takes to the parade and characters walking around.

Despite the park not being open to its max, we stayed until it closed and enjoyed every minute of it.

We knew to go to the park that a lot of its attractions would be closed, but we also knew that we might not get the chance to enjoy being out and about for a few months so we wanted to make sure the kids got to have an enjoyable experience before they were home ridden for a while.

The kids enjoyed it and so did we and we’ll definitely be back when it re-opens!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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