So we just moved to the San Antonio area from Houston because of Tim’s job and one of our goals is to explore the city especially considering it’s such a tourist city.

Beautiful places really bring us together so this weekend we decided to explore some of our local attractions with the kids and the zoo was first on the list.

The kids really love animals and we heard really good feedback about the zoo so we said, load em up and let’s go check it out for ourselves.

We’ve got kids at all stages of the spectrum so we like to try to find something that works for them all, and animals are a special bond they have so the zoo just made sense.

The little ones were in heaven

Summer is 20 months and she is really starting to come into what she loves and it’s always so exciting to see her come to life when she sees the animals she can recognize and rushes towards them.

For her dogs and cats are of course her favorite, but in these images, she was watching a bear and I want to say the lions and the look of exploration on her face were priceless.

One of the main reasons we focus so heavily on creating experiences together is because the kids get to enjoy it together.

One of our core values as a family is having a close-knit family and while we know kids will be kids and have their tussles, we’ve noticed that our outings and travel experiences really bring them closer together.

Anytime we can see a smile on all of their faces at one time, it really makes an impression on us and inspires us to go more.

On to the attractions

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret, promise not to judge.

We got to the zoo an hour before they closed, lol. Sometimes the weekends be getting away from us and on this particular day, we didn’t plan well and left the house extremely late, lol.

So on this particular day, we didn’t get to experience all the zoo had to offer but we were able to see the most coveted bears, the lions were sleep, lol, but they have a beautiful flamingo exhibit that we did get to enjoy and it was one of Morgan’s favorite stops.

She loves anything colorful and flamingos are just that.

Despite our late arrival, lol the bear was wide awake and putting on one heck of a show.

This was one of the first stops that we made and boy you should’ve heard Summer’s excitement.

This fella pranced back and forth and showed himself off quite nicely, lol.

Watching him prance around reminded me a lot of the opening to Madagascar, lol.

You remember the way the movie opens with the animals really displaying their best, this is exactly what watching him reminded me of.

It was hilarious to watch.

Even though we didn’t get there until right at an hour before they closed, it was still a great outing for the kids and they liked it so much they are asking to go back, so we’ll have to make that happen for sure.

Our Local Zoo Experience



So we’re definitely planning to go back as soon as this COVID-19 pandemic passes over and we’ll be able to give you a full review of everything the zoo has to offer and our full thoughts on the experience.

Until then, let us know what your local zoo experience has been like. We might just show up there!!!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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