Hey there!  In today’s post I want to talk with you about how to create opt ins in 1 day that create massive conversions for your business.

Earlier this week I created a free offer on a whim, just out of doing some research on my own and realizing that it could be entirely helpful for my audience.  Once I created it, a lot of the feedback that I received was stuff like “Man that was quick” and “This is awesome and it was fast”, and it was through that when I realized that Free Offers are still something that a lot of you still struggle with, so I decided to write an article to help you out, you’re welcome, lol.

How you too, can create opt ins in 1 day with massive conversion

  1. Make sure it’s something that people want.  This is where your social influence is going to be important.  I knew that if I posted a valid question and got feed back from it I could tell whether or not this was something that people actually wanted.  So I did 2 things, I posted on Facebook, just a simple text post and on Instagram. I also put parameters in my mind on how many people I wanted to respond in order for me to take my time to create it.  I said 10 and this was the response that I got.
  2. Find the road to least resistance for delivery. Once I realized that there was something to what I had asked I figured out the quickest way to deliver the content and make it the easiest for you to consume.  Where most of my Free offers are like mini courses or email courses, I knew that all this needed to be was a 1 hitter quitter so I created a PDF document that I could distribute.  I was already doing the work, so it really wasn’t anything extra that I had to do, I was in the moment doing the research for myself, so I duplicated what I was doing, titled it something else and got it ready for delivery. I even went a step further and created it as a fill-able document that way if you wanted to make any changes for yourself you could without having to create an entirely new document.
  3. Think about the follow up.  Now if you do this right, anything that you offer for free can lead to a different aspect of your business, so for me I wanted to make sure that there was some form of compensation for my time.  Email addresses are great, but let’s be real, I’m always looking for a way to monetize.  Now I wanted to do this in 24 hours, so I didn’t want to think too much into email series’s that would’ve taken too long, I know my strengths.  So instead of following up via email right away I decided to do what I’m great at and create an immediate up-sell via video, some would call it a trip wire, where I would record what I did to find the information and offer it as a small intro product for people who want to be able to do it on their own.  It was easy for me because I’m comfortable in the video space, I’ve mastered doing impromptu videos with little need for extensive editing and making it available via a web page.  Boom follow up solved, now I could move on to delivery!
  4. Determine How You’ll Deliver Your Opt In. For me the first thing that comes to mind is email.  If I’m doing anything it’s in exchange for an email address.  I may not have the goal for sales right now, but later on I might and I want to know how to get in touch with you, and email will do it!  So it was a no brainier for me.  I use WordPress, so I housed it on my site, made sure Google wouldn’t index it, protected it, and got a link so I could add it to my thank you email. Easy peasy.
  5. Execute the plan.  This is the part where it pays to know your way around your blog and email provider.  I took an inventory of the landing and thank you pages that I needed and went to work.  I did it myself, which should be encouragement for you.  Did it take me a day, yes, but I knew that if I engaged my team that the turn around would be longer, so I did it myself.  Would I do this in all cases no, but in this one since I promised it in a day I wanted to ensure I delivered, and I had the time because I was doing in on a slow day for me personally.
  6. Finally tell people that it’s available.  For me I went back personally and notified each person that said they wanted it that it was ready and available for download.  If you’ve got a team, this is where you can engage them!  Have them to go back and reply to each comment and direct message individually.  Is this a lot, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Do you know how valuable it is for your follower to have direct contact with you and how that boosts your opt in rates?  Personal touches whenever possible are key, and don’t forget that.  I also sent it out to my list in the form of a question. “How does (insert your opt in here) sound?” as the subject line, and my list went bananas, lol.  I got all types of replies and the click through rate went from normally somewhere around 3.5% to over 7% which is double the response that I normally get.  And what was even better was it wasn’t even my whole list!  I’m in the process of purging my list and completely transitioning to a new system, so I only sent it to a very small, and I mean small fraction of my list and it stuck! 76% conversion is unheard of, just as a quick FYI if your landing page converts at 25% you’re doing a happy dance, so I just wanted to point out how big of an impact this makes.

    Convert kit results from Instagram hashtag question
    This was from last night before I went to bed. 1 Day of opt ins no ads.

So the moral in all of this story is simply this.  Creating opt ins does not have to be a cumbersome task and the success of them is almost always guaranteed when you do it the right way.  ASK your people what they want, don’t assume anything.  They’ll tell you and be very clear on what they need.  Don’t think you’ve got to have it all in order, just get started.  For me, I’ve still got to go and record sales videos, and video ads so we can start the real push on an opt in that has already proven itself to be worthy.

If you’re stuggling to figure out what to create.


If you don’t have the social influence to get a response worth noting, then learn how to effectively use social media.  Is it an investment, yep!  Don’t waist your time on YouTube going down every rabbit hole you can find.  Instead find a coach, that can teach you.  Learning how to maneuver online is going to be vital to how you grow the online aspect of your business.  I don’t care if you hate social media, you’ve got to learn it, it’s only so far you can go on your own accord, you’ve got to open yourself up to a wider audience so you can capture business FASTER.

If you need a starting place, feel free to check out the Social Lab.  It’s my Inner Circle program that I run where I teach small business owners how to do just that.  You can learn more about it here —>> Check Out The Social Lab <<<—.

Even if it’s not the Social Lab, find someone to help you get this done.

I hope this post was inspirational for you.  My whole goal was to show you how easy this is to get done.  Yes it’ll take some skill mastery but after you do it so often, it’ll become like rote memory and you’ll be able to do it on auto pilot.

So tell me, was this helpful for you? I’d love to know, leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, and if you’re doing this well, feel free to share some of what works for you!

So I’ll sign off with that!  Can’t wait to see you in the next blog post!


Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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