In today’s live broadcast replay we’re talking about understanding the basics of email marketing.

Many of you have asked how to use your email marketing effectively and if email marketing is even worth it and my answer is yes!  Email marketing is one of the highest converting forms of digital marketing and if used correctly can drive a lot of revenue for your business. 



When it comes to email marketing the process covers a few things, and in today’s video we’re going to cover the following:

  1. The types of marketing you want to cover: such as social media, blogging, Youtube, and your Instagram pages. This allows for better communication toward your audience, and an easy process to apply your contacts into sales. An important key role is to better understand why your audience is on your list and their process. 
  2. How to use your buyer’s journey to attract your audience. The importance of persuading your set audience to view your brand is knowing that you are giving them a solution to a problem they want to solve. This allows for an easier introduction of yourself and your brand to your audience. 
  3. Managing a set schedule in order to email your audience about your brand. Understand that communication within your audience will take more than one email for them to know who you and your brand are. Furthermore, allow your audience to acknowledge the last conversation you had with them. 
  4. Reference your brand back to your audience. This allows for further communication within the audience and enables you to set up a time to connect once more. Consider your audience’s time when giving them more information about your brand and allowing them to look further into your design.

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