In today’s discussion, I want to share with you 3 keys to creating a high converting lead magnet for your potential clients.  As you know we’re in a time right now where people share their email addresses like they used to share their phone number so it’s important that you start off with a good relationship via email so you don’t get blocked or worse labeled “do not answer”, lol.

I know I’m not the only one that would change the name to a contact in my phone to Do Not Answer when they were a bug a boo, lol.  Let’s be honest friend!!!

But in all seriousness, lol.  There are some key steps you want to take when creating your lead magnets to ensure you’re providing an exceptional experience for your subscriber that eventually leads to a sell.

You’ve got one shot to get this right, so its really important that you start on the right foot so you can showcase your unique value, solve problems for your potential clients and get paid along the way.

Below I’ve listed a few highlights from the live broadcast, and I will go into further detail after that.


Highlights from the video!


  1. Understand where your opt-in is going to lead your subscriber.  If your main goal for building your list is to generate consistent and predictable sales, then you don’t want to create an opt-in that is not going to allow you to do so.
  2. Make it easy to consume.  We live in a society that wants answers quickly, especially online.  So you’ve got to ensure that whatever you’re offering answers a quick problem right now, and gives clear direction for the next steps.
  3. Follow up, follow up, follow up.  Have solid email follow up campaigns in place, beforehand.

Remember the whole goal of email marketing is to move your subscribers from one part of the customer journey to the next, so make sure your email campaigns are set up in a way to do so.

Let’s hop in.

The 3 Keys to Creating a High Converting Lead Magnet


It’s important to know that there are a few key things that your Lead Magnet needs to accomplish in order to increase the likelihood of conversion. In the following, we’re going to discuss those keys in order of priority and give you an opportunity to evaluate your current lead magnet to see if it makes the cut.

If not you’ve got some work to do, which I’m sure you already know, that’s the whole reason why you’re here, so let’s get started.

Key #1 – Your Lead Magnet Needs to Address the Subscribers Perceived Problem


In a potential customer’s mind, they have an idea of what they think they’re problem is and are looking for answers to solve that problem.  The best way to position your lead magnet as the answer to their problems is going to be to address the problem and offer your expert advice on how to solve the real problem, which in most cases is not what the customer thinks they’re struggling with, right?

We all know that in most cases what your customer thinks the problem is, isn’t really the problem, but you can’t convince them of that before they find that you actually get them.

Your lead magnet is a piece of collateral that establishes you as the expert and takes the customer on the journey to eventually become a customer of your business.  And if you don’t address in their mind what they think they’re struggling with, you will not have the opportunity to establish yourself as the expert and lead them on the process of finding the real solution to their REAL problems which is your services.

Just because you’re ADDRESSING the problem, doesn’t mean you’re FIXING that problem with your lead magnet.

As a matter of fact, all you’re going to do is

  1. educate the subscriber on your knowledge of the problem they think they have and tell them what the root cause of that problem really is
  2. tell them what needs to happen in order to eliminate the root cause (this needs to be an action they can take on their own and get results quickly)
  3. then offer insight on how you can help them eliminate the root cause through your services

By following this process you will build an incredible amount of trust with your subscribers and when they’re ready AND when you make an offer they’ll be way more receptive to hearing you out.

Key #2 – Your Lead Magnet Needs to Be Formatted in Deliver to Yield the Quickest Results


Here’s what I mean.

When we start talking about lead magnets the first things that come to mind often are eBooks, and while eBooks can make really effective lead magnets, they aren’t the end-all and be all to your lead magnet creation.

There are so many different ways to deliver information these days, that as the business owner, it’s up to you to create a piece of content that will not only answer problems but be easy to consume and provide an amazing experience for your subscriber.

While eBooks are by far the easiest to create, they are NOT always the best format for your subscriber and this will cause a major break down in your sales process.

Formatting of your lead magnet is just as important as the content that you are delivering because if you deliver great information in the wrong format, it will not get consumed and your subscriber will go elsewhere to find the answers to their problems in a format that they love.

So don’t skimp on formatting.  Take your time and do your research on what others in your industry are offering and what’s being said about it, and format your lead magnet accordingly.

If you need ideas about how to format an effective lead magnet, I’ve got a complimentary resource that you can download below that will give you over 19 different formatting ideas, and the scenarios in how you could use them.

It’s in eBook form, lol because that’s the best way to deliver the content to you and that’s what’s going to be easiest for you to consume.  You see how I did that??? Lol

[inf_infusionsoft_inline optin_id=optin_8]

Key #3 Follow Up and Become the Guide of the Process


This is the part where most of us just stop working, lol.  We do the work to create the lead magnet and we then just magically think that the one interaction is supposed to do the job of marketing and sales, and it doesn’t.

Think of your lead magnet as your resume.  You remember those.

What was the goal of the resume? It was to secure the interview, but the resume didn’t secure the job.  It was the tool that you used to showcase your expertise and get your foot in the door, once your foot was in the door it was up to you to show in your best suit and wow the interviewee with your ability to articulate how your skills matched their needs and hopefully secure the job.

THIS, my friend, is the same role as your lead magnet.  It secures the interview but you’ve still got to show up in your best suit and articulate to your subscriber how your expertise meets their needs and hopefully convince them you are the right person for the job.

And since you don’t have the opportunity to speak with them in an hour-long meeting directly, you’ve got to follow up in email form with the anticipation of the questions that will arise next, provide those answers and explain to your subscriber how you can help.

Just like you would guide the interview in the direction you would like it to go if you were interviewing for a job, is the same manner that you would guide your subscriber to the next place where you want them to go in your sales process.

If you can wrap your brain around this fact, you can offer the value to your subscriber that they need to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to do business with you.

It’s that simple.

The lead magnet’s primary job is to get your foot in the door then you’re to pass the baton to your emails so they can show up for you automatically and make the impact that you need to move your subscribers into the next stage of the buying cycle with you.

There are many different ways to follow up and your creativity here can be the limit, but one of the primary things you need to know is that you can’t just deliver the lead magnet and hope that piece of collateral alone does the selling for you, you’ve got to follow up via email in time to nurture your subscribers into the sale.

Whew, there you have it, the 3 keys to having a high converting lead magnet.

I hope this article, as well as the replay from our live video, have given you the information that you need to make an informed decision on how to build or update your lead magnet.

Now that you have the 3 keys, you’ve got work to do.

Now is the time to go back and review your lead magnet and ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does my lead magnet address my subscriber’s PERCEIVED problem?  If the answer is no, then you know you need to go back and update your lead magnet to do so and if that’s not possible to do, create a lead magnet that does and replace it.
  2. Am I helping them get the answer to this problem in the most efficient way and is it in the format that is best suited to answer their questions?
  3. Am I following up with the information that my subscriber needs to make an informed decision about taking advantage of my services?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you’ve got work to do friend.

Now is the time to go back and review your lead magnet and update it to increase the probability of conversions.

While nothing is 100%, what would it mean to convert just one more of your subscribers into an actual paying customer?

How would that impact your business and your life?

How much more could you accomplish in your business and your personal life if just a small fraction of your subscribers turned into paying customers?

I imagine the difference would have a positive impact on the way you’re able to serve, and for that reason, you have no other option but to get it done right?!?!

If you know that this is an area that you need help with, and you’ve got the ability to invest in the help you need to get this done, I’d like to offer my help.

We offer complimentary calls to anyone that is interested, where we can chat about your goals and offer you the correct service to help you get there.

To book a complimentary call, we just ask that you

  1. Head over to DISCOVERY CALL PAGE HERE, and see how they work, from there you can choose to schedule a time and be taken to our calendar where you can pick a time that works for you.
  2. You’ll book a “DISCOVERY CALL” and from there we’ll chat and let you know how we can help!

Thank you for spending a little time with me on today, I appreciate you and hope today’s information provided the clarity that you need.

If there is something else that you would like me to discuss, please feel free to leave it down in the comments.

Until the next time, take care and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your next lead magnet!

Bye for now!!!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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