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When it comes to cold and flu season I do NOT play around.Being a busy working mom and wife, I can not afford to come down with a nasty cold or the flu, which is why I trust Mucinex Fast-Max Cold & Flu All-In-One to help me if I do start to show symptoms of having such.

As a mom, I’ve always believed that it’s better to stay ready than to have to get ready so I make it my point to shop at Walmart for all my medicine cabinet needs, and it’s really easy to grab my Mucinex while I’m there.

What I love about this particular formula is that it fights 9 different symptoms in one dose.  So versus having to take one medicine for the fever and body pain, and another for the congestion, I can take one dose of my Mucinex and be good to go for up to 4 hours.

Mucinex provides one for nighttime relief as well in the form of Mucinex Nightshift Severe Cold & Flu All-In-One, which also makes me happy, especially considering these kids are at home and I have to be present and available for them even if I’m not feeling my best.

You know as a mom that there is no such thing as a day off, and you also know how exhausted a bad cold or flu can make you feel, so if you can have one medicine on hand that handles your worst symptoms for you it makes it that much easier to get back to the business of running your house and doing your job.

At the end of the day when it’s all said and done, Mucinex Nightshift Severe Cold & Flu All-In-One is there to help you relieve your symptoms so you can get to sleep and be ready for the morning.

If you’re anything like me and like to stock up, I suggest you head over to Walmart or use Walmart’s pickup and delivery and grab yourself some for your medicine cabinet.

I know I always feel a lot better knowing that I’ve got what I need in the event that I need it, instead of having to scramble through exhaustion and not feeling well to go get it.

With the way my life is set up, I’m almost guaranteed to have a sore throat, fever, nasty cough, or cold almost yearly, and like to lean on the side of being prepared so I don’t have to slow down.

If that’s you as well, then you’ll want to grab you some for sure, we do not have time to be held back this season, we’ve got way too many kids to care for and coins to earn friend!

Let’s be prepared this season, LOL!!

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Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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