Contrary to popular belief, when you first begin your business online, your focus has to be very streamlined in order to accomplish your goals.  It should be as simple as possible not giving much thought to perfection, but instead to finding a problem that needs to be solved and solving it in a manner better than anyone else is currently doing.  But a lot of times what I see happening is the exact opposite, especially for those of us that have left the reigns of Corporate America, where everything has to be picture perfect, and if it’s not you haven’t done your job.

So if you’ll allow me, today I want to chat with you just a little bit about some of the habits you should avoid making whether you’re brand new and trying to make your first 25k online, or whether you’ve been at this for a little while and haven’t been seeing the type of revenue generated that you need.

Either way, I want to lift some misconceptions for you and get you re-focused so you can put your energy where it counts and start to make the kind of money you need to make online.

Check out this short video and let me know what you think!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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