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It’s officially Holiday Gift 2022 guide time, and I’m excited about what this year will bring.

As you know, we moved into our new home back in March, and we’ve gotten so many things that it’s almost hard to keep up.

I’ve worked with some amazing companies that have provided amazing deals for you guys, and this year for my gift guide, I’m doing a round-up of some of my favorites so far, AND quite a few are on my wish list.

In addition to what you see below, I’m also creating a downloadable guide that will release on Monday, November 14th, just in time for all of the amazing Black Friday deals if you’re anything like me, as an easy way to share with the someone in your life that needs a little hint about what to get you off your list, lol.

This gift guide is perfect for those who LOOOOVVVVEEEE decorating and getting nice toys for the house and don’t mind it as a gift.

I know some of us prefer the nice purses and stuff, but I’ve reached a point in my life where a ROBOT vacuum is a surefire way to have me falling in love all over again, and I know I’m not the only one, lol.

On this list, I’m doing my best to find not only the things that have been sent to me but some really good deals as well; I’ll be including my Reward Style boards, where possible as round-ups as well and housing them all here, so they are easy to find.

If you’ve got something in mind and want me to see if I can find a good deal on it somewhere, drop it down in the comments, and I’ll be sure to do some research for you as well.

Also, if you want to be updated when this post gets updated weekly, sign up below; I’ll also send you the official downloadable guide on Friday, November 11th, before it releases on the blog.

I’m watching the sales too, so when things pop off and go down, I’ll be able to shoot you a quick message to let you know as well.

So that’s enough chatting. Let’s hop into this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2022!

Let’s Start with Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

Here are a few of my kitchen items I can’t live without and quite a few that are on my wishlist for this year as well.

Ninja Foodi 14-in- 8 quart XL Pressure Cooker


Now I have last year’s model of the Foodi, and let me tell you something, this thing saves lives, especially around this time of year!

I’m a person that hates cooking for a long period, and I can whip up a full-course meal at one time here for my entire family of 5-6.

It’s a lifesaver, and if you aren’t familiar with pressure cooking, this would be my recommendation.

I cook soups, chicken, rice, veggies; you name it, it goes in the Foodi.

You’ve got 14 different functions in one appliance, which is why I love it: I don’t need a different appliance for different needs.

This handles almost everything I can do if I’m not pulling out the pots, and my family loves me.

I 15 out of 10 recommend it.

Caraway Home Cookware Set

On the flip side, when I cook, I love having a good set of pots to do so with.

My mama trained me to have good cooking tools so that when the time comes, I could get in the kitchen and burn easily.

This year when we moved in, I was on YouTube and saw these pots and immediately knew I had to have them.

They come in so many different colors, and I love that they are nonstick and made out of a material that is not harmful to you and doesn’t leak into your food.

Now, I will point out that medium is high, so don’t go all hibachi with these, but if you’re looking for a good solid set of pots that can be used for both stove top and in the oven, these are it.

I have the blue set, because that’s what goes with my color scheme, but I also have the sage teapot which I’ll list below because I love that color as well.

There is not one bad thing I can say about these pots, as a matter of fact, I did a full review of them over on my YouTube channel, you can check it out here, and I’ve got some really nice savings to pass along during the holiday season for these as well.

Here’s the full review:

And then here’s where you can grab them for their early release sale. CLICK HERE TO SHOP ALL THINGS CARAWAY

While we’re on the subject of Caraway, let me show you another one of my faves that I’m diving into with them.

*Note, Caraway has extended an early release sale to all of my viewers that will allow you to shop the site and save an additional 20% off anything you purchase with no code necessary. Only good from November 1st-November 2nd.***

Caraway Home Teapot

Caraway recently released a Teapot in August, I believe it was, and as much as I love my coffee, I also love a good glass of tea.

Tea has also become Tim’s thing, so when I saw the new release, it just made sense to grab one.

I’ve got the sage green one, but just like the cookware, they come in various vibrant colors with the same non-toxic benefits, and I can’t wait to indulge regularly.

So to make you laugh, here’s the tea-making life that new kitchen bae (that’s what I call all my favorite appliances, lol) has saved us from.

In our former life, we would use our Keurig to dispense hot water, and have to do that a couple of times to get the coffee out to finally get a glass of hot water or use the microwave, and let’s be honest, neither of those ways were the most Instagram worthy or the most efficient, so we started the hunt for a really good teapot, and Caraway released one so I went for it.

Now she’s new to my collection, so I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’m so proud to be past my lackluster tea-making days, and I’m sure she won’t disappoint.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about her, and I’ll be sharing her on YouTube next week and on my IG stories to show you how she works.

Don’t worry; just like for the pots, I’ll link the video review below and return once I’ve given her a couple of whirls with true feedback.

I can’t imagine it being anything but good, but I’ll post at the end of the week to let you know for sure.

I’ve got one more goodie from Caraway, but they are on my wishlist, so I’ll share more about them later on in the post.

And then here’s where you can grab them for their early release sale. CLICK HERE TO SHOP ALL THINGS CARAWAY

I’m trying to stick with what’s currently in my kitchen before moving on.

Now, where are my bakers???

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I love to bake, especially around this time of year.

I know I said I wasn’t a cook previously, and that holds to like dinner and stuff like that, but when the holiday hits, I love to have a good cookie or cake on hand every day of the week, and my kitchen aide has been my workhorse for the past couple of years.

I have the classic series, as the use of my kitchen aide is seasonal, but I love the fact that there are attachments for her that I can grab that make using her oh-so-easy.

If you haven’t already noticed the trend, I like appliances that can do double duty. That way, I don’t have to carry a lot in my kitchen, and she’s another one who can do so much just by investing in one piece and buying add-ons.

I’ve got one piece that’s on the wish list that I’ll share later, but for now, if you haven’t got on the kitchen aide bandwagon and you like to bake, this is the season to send your special someone a nice little hunch that she’s what you have your eye on.

I have the black one, and similar to Caraway, you can find them in various beautiful colors.

They seem to be pretty available this year; I know it was a struggle to get your hands on one last year and the year prior, but from the looks of it, that problem might be resolved.

I got mine at Target, but I’m linking to one I found on Amazon for a little cheaper.  I start baking cookies this week; it would be fun for you to get your hands on an early Christmas gift and join the fun.

Now, do I have any health junkies or folks that like to make cocktails around the holiday time
(or any other time for that matter) with fresh juice around?

Let me re-introduce you to my good friend, the Kuvings EVO820 Juicer!



Now I’m not the health freak that most folks that invest in these toys look to for advice, but Tim and I enjoy juicing for health benefits ANNNNNNDDDDDDD around this time of year, I usually turn into the bartender; she also comes in handy for.

I’m the type of bartender that likes to use fresh juice and the stove to make my drinks so I can feel like I’m being healthier as I indulge, and my Kuvings EVO820 has held me down for years.

I’m talking fresh berry juice for mules and spring cocktails the most, fresh juice recipes that keep us healthy, sorbets even, the works!

So she makes my list every year because I enjoy her so much.

Mine is in this fun rose color, but you can find them in various colors that suit your needs.

When I find something that works, I will stick with it.  I believe I’ve had her going on for three years, and she has not failed me once.

Here’s a quick YouTube review I made for her when I first got her a few years back, and I still love her the same, if not more.

Now be mindful that this is a slow juicer, so you must take your time with her.

She’s very efficient when used properly and is very easy to clean.

Just like all of the other small appliances and kitchenware I’ve included, she’s dual-purpose, making her a plus.

Smoothies, juicing, and sorbets are the specialty.

Another great one-stop shop for all of your needs. See, I stay on brand, lol.


Ok, so on the note of being a bartender, lol.  Let me share my cocktail smoker with you.

Cocktail Smoker with Torch

When it comes to entertaining, I’m the bartender on all occasions.  Usually, when my family gets together, my mom is the cook, and I make the drinks, and I love me a fancy cocktail, lol.

Usually, when I go out to dinner, I order a fancy cocktail, and when I fell in love with smoked cocktails, I knew I needed my own smoker because that could quickly become an expensive luxury, lol.

So me being me, I went on an Amazon hunt and found a cocktail smoke that I absolutely love, and I’m sharing it with you.

Now, if you’re wondering what you can fix with a cocktail smoker, the answer is ANYTHANG, LOL.

Yes I said ANYTHANG!!!!

But if you want to have cocktail etiquette, you’d be looking at Whiskey drinks and margaritas.

Now I don’t have that kind of etiquette, and I pretty much go for the gusto, but Tim drinks enough Old Fashions, and I drink enough Margaritas to make this a purchase that paid for itself straight out of the box.

I’ll be sharing some smoked cocktail holiday drinks all through New Years, so keep your eyes open for those recipes here on the blog, but until then, make sure you go grab you a smoker so you can join in the fun.

Shop the Cocktail Smoker Here…

Now that’s a quick wrap up of what’ currently in my kitchen, I’ve got a long laundry list of items that are on my wish list that will make using these items a lot easier that I’ll be adding to release on Friday the 4th so be sure to sign up for notifications to know when it’s ready for you to come back to.

I’m talking glassware, utensils, textiles, etc…. I can’t wait to share.

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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