Hi I'm Kae & I work with entrepreneurs to help automate their business operations and marketing automation processes.

Here at the media group we specialize in helping service providers create automated marketing systems that speaks to their prospects needs, offers valuable solutions, leading to an increase in conversion of sales and appointments set.

My Philosophy Is Simply

I believe it takes the right strategy coupled with the proper tools to execute a well thought out plan.  

We take a tailored approach to helping our clients satisfy their online revenue goals, by paying attention to the unique needs, audience and capacity of each business, and creating strategies that are beneficial for not only the customers but the companies as well.

We’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your digital marketing goals and how we can help.  

We offer consultations to talk through your needs and see how we can best help you meet your goals.

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I'm Also the Host Of The Her 360 Podcast

The HER 360 Podcast is the place where mompreneurs go to find the resources they need to be a really good wife, a really good mom, and a really good boss and doing it all on their own terms.  We're on a quest to build our own definitions of success and I'm so happy you're hear to go on the journey with us! 


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A Boutique Digital Marketing Firm specializing in the creation and implementation of  automated marketing and business systems for service based entrepreneurs.

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