Why We Decided to Home School Our Kids

When it comes to homeschooling it’s no easy decision.  As a matter of fact, it took us 3 years to finally commit to the idea and it wasn’t an easy road to get there.

When I eluded to the fact that we had made the final decision to homeschool our kids, I got a lot of questions about resources we used to help us decide and I’m no homeschooling pro, I’m a complete neophyte, so I don’t have much advice as to “How” to get this done, but in today’s episode I do want to share “Why” we choose to home school our kids.

I know for a lot of parents COVID has caused us to look at things a lot differently but for us it was COVID that made us choose to educate our kids at home, but it was definitely the litmus test to see if I could have all 4 of these kids at home and not lose my stuff, lol.

In all transparency, we’re not homeschooling all 4.

Our oldest daughter is in high school and is getting ready to be a junior and we haven’t figured out how homeschooling works with extracurricular activities like the band so we’re letting her go back, but as for the 8th grader and the 2nd grader, it’s on baby, lol.

They’re coming home and I don’t know if they’ll ever see the inside walls of a schoolhouse again as a student, and as for Summer, her future is looking brighter AT HOME, Lol.

The month of June is dedicated to Homeschooling on the show, starting with today’s episode of me sharing my why.  Then next week you’re going to hear from a Homeschooling professional that has never sent her kids to school that’s right NEVA, lol, and she is going to share some of her insight and really valuable resources with us, followed by another amazing episode after hers from a mother that started her kids in school and snatched them, lol.

This is going to be an amazing month of information and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

So lets hop right on in to today’s episode!!!

Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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