Things to Plan for Before You Start Your Blog

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Many of you have asked about what kinds of things you should have planned before you start your blog, so today I am going to discuss the plan you’ll want to have in place to help you achieve a consistent and rewarding blog in the future!

things to plan for before you start a blog


The plan for before you start your blog incorporates a few things, so today we’re going to address:

  1. The types of content you want to publish. Some things to plan you before you start your blog is the content you want to create. Thinking about the type of content you would like to publish, and how frequently you want to upload your content is important. 

  1. How to make money and manage monetary costs. Considering out how much publishing the content you want would cost you and how to make a significant profit from your content are some things I am going to go through today. 

  1. How to bring traffic to your content. Traffic is very important in making your blog successful. I’ll tell you how to communicate with your audience in the appropriate way on the correct channel, and how other social mediums can help you establish a sound audience.

  1. Lastly, I will be covering with you how you want to plan for who is going to help you publish your blog. I know that all of us have other activities and our days can get busy. Some of us are mothers, wives, business women, and most of the time all of that at  once! Running a blog on top of that can and will be difficult to handle alone. When bloggers are sharing content with our community, it can get a little difficult keeping up with deadlines and managing advertisements and so and so forth. Considering forming a team to help you ensure that your blog is successful is vital in maintaining success especially at the start.


If after listening to today’s episode you find that you need some additional help, we offer one on one sessions to talk through the specific needs you have and provide a simple plan to help you accomplish your goals.


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