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why we chose the covid vaccine for my son with adhd

As a mom, I’m always faced with decisions that affect my children’s health like whether or not we were going to not only vaccinate ourselves but also our children and primarily our son with ADHD. 

For ourselves, it was a pretty straightforward decision and an easy yes, but as it related to my son, I had so many questions. 

Questions like:

  • “How would the vaccine react with his body?”
  • “How would the vaccine react with the medication he’s already taking to help regulate his ADHD?”

Plus so many more, so I decided to take the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics and consult with our pediatrician to get the best advice. 

the covid vaccine and my son that has adhd

When we talked with our own pediatrician we were pleased to know that there were already millions of kids and teens that have been safely vaccinated and were doing just fine. 

Our pediatrician was able to address all of our concerns about drug interaction and interaction with his body, in general, to help us come to the decision to vaccinate him. 

We already felt that the vaccine is by far the safest way to protect ourselves from the virus, but we wanted to be sure it was the same for EJ and we were glad when we learned we could vaccinate him with confidence and he would be just fine. 

why we vaccinated our son who has adhd

I know there are still tons of parents every day questioning whether or not this is the safest route for their families and I would encourage you to do the same. 

We don’t have the answers to the questions that we don’t ask, so partner with your pediatrician and voice your honest concerns. 

Don’t be ashamed to question the validity of what you’re reading and seeing about the vaccine. 

Remember, there are tons of resources available to us online like this one from the American Academy of Pediatrics but nothing beats an honest heart-to-heart with the providers you trust and know. 

american pediatrics association and the covid 19 vaccine for our adhd son

For us, we wanted peace of mind and the vaccine allows us to rest in the fact that EJ can head to school and be around his peers and decrease his risk of being terminally ill from the virus. 

I’m not a mom that is going to tell you what to do, I only share what works for us and the vaccine has worked. 

So far he’s been symptom-free and enjoying his interactions with others and that’s the greatest peace of mind I could ask for. 

If you want more information please feel free to check out an amazing resource provided by AAP to help you make decisions that are best for you and your family during this time.

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Kae Whitaker

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