The Content Strategy You Need to Have a Successful Lifestyle Blog

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Many of you have asked what type of content you should create if you’re thinking about starting a successful lifestyle blog, so today I’m going to discuss the content strategy you’ll want to have in place to help you ensure that if you are adding the lifestyle category to your blog that it is successful.


content strategy for my blog.

The successes of your marketing calendar depend on a few things, so today we’re. going to address:

  1. How to create a Marketing Campaign. When it comes to creating marketing campaigns, you’ll want to ask yourself a series of questions that I’ll go more in-depth on in the episode, that will allow you to audit the information you have collected and stared creating a content calendar that will help you see when its a good time to promote! This will also help you see the gaps in your calendar that will show you a clear-cut place where the new content can be added.
  2. We’ll talk a little about establishing a good content mix. You’ll hear me mention things like the 3 principles you want to follow when creating your content and some more questions you want to be asking yourself. I like to break this down into year, month, then week-to-week increments and that will guide you based on what the needs are for that month. We warn to effectively move people from social media into your sales funnels.
  3. Lastly, I will be covering with you how to know when to incorporate promotional content to meet monetary goals. Your social media should be a place that allows you to showcase your talents and learn about the people that are interested in you so I’ll tell you about some of the ways to form deeper connections and tops that will make it possible for you to grow a really engaged audience while earing at the same time. 


In closing, it’s important to note that before you start talking about what content you need need to create a personal brand, you’ll want to understand how your platform serves your current business, and today ill provide you with some tools to get you on track!

If after listening to today’s episode you find that you need some additional help, we offer one on one sessions to talk through the specific needs you have and provide a simple plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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Kae M Whitaker
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