You’re listening to The Kae Whitaker Podcast, created for boss moms and wives committed to slaying their family and professional goals.

You could say this show is the intersection of being a really good boss, a really good mom, and a really good wife and doing them all on your own terms!

Together we’ll have unfiltered conversations with moms from across the world about what it really takes to have the life you dream about.

Our guests will share stories of triumph, fears and challenges, and will empower us with their own perspectives on how we can navigate through our own challenges and conquer them to come out victorious on the other side.

Our host, Kae Whitaker, is a successful entrepreneur currently running 2 businesses alongside her husband Tim, while raising 4 children, ranging in age from an infant to a very busy teenager, while still making time for each other and the things in life that they both love.

Kae has designed this show to be a safe place for honesty, vulnerability, and empowerment to support one another as we boldly go after life’s dreams, tear down old ideologies that keep us hostage and as we pursue our own modern definitions of success.

If you’re an ambitious Boss Mom looking for a community that supports you while you continue to evolve into the woman that you and everyone else loves, then stick around because you’re already amongst a good group of girlfriends.

Now… let’s join Kae, and go build our dream lives together…

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