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1-on-1 "Coachsulting"

group coaching & training

automation implementation

We all work better when we work together with the power of a proven formula:

Automation can be daunting if you try to go at it alone, which is why it's so important to work with a trusted professional that can help you process your thoughts AND supply the technical infrastructure you need to accomplish your goals.

Let's work together

1-on-1 coachsulting™

Coachsulting™ is a service we've designed to be a perfect combination of coaching and implementation. 

In our 1-on-1 Coachsulting™ program we work with the business owner or team on an long term bases helping to develop sound automation strategies to help the business accomplish their operational and/or marketing goals. 

Our Coachsulting™ services are ideal for well established businesses that are looking to take advantage of sophisticated technology in their organization that will help lower administrative costs in time and resources and reallocate those funds to revenue generating activities. 

Let's work together

Group coaching & training

Looking for a community of entrepreneurs to support you?  We got it!  

Our group coaching program "The Kae Club™" is designed to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to help establish solid business practices as well as online marketing tips to help them earn a viable income to support their families and lives. 

Kae's been creating content and running an online business since 2013 and will hold nothing back from her successes and failures to help you avoid costly mistakes and hit your income goals faster. 

Let's work together

Automation Implementation services

Have a marketing team or possibly a strategy that's already fleshed out and just need someone to set up the technology for you, we've got you covered. 

Sometimes you have the plan and you just need the right hands to make your vision a reality and that's exactly what we do here at Kae Whitaker Media Group.  

Our technicians are trained on the most elite automation tools that exist to ensure we're able to effectively take your vision and execute it with the highest level of precision.

Kae WHitaker

Why I do what I do

As a wife and mom of 4 it has always been important to me to build an efficient business that supports my lifestyle and allows me to be the present mother that I desire to be. 

When I discovered the power of automation it completely changed the way I was able to not only enroll clients but hire staff to help my business accomplish it's goals. 

Now my desire is to help every mompreneur I run into accomplish the same goals.  Automation is a powerful tool, and we're here to help you apply sound principles to help you accomplish your business goals!

Here's How Our Consultations Work

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Business Needs & Create a Strategy

We'll chat for 90 Minutes to discuss the specifics on what you're looking to accomplish and what you'll need to do in order to accomplish.  

Once we're done you'll have an action plan and know exactly how to reach your goals


We'll Offer the Specific Service We Have That Can Help

Once we chat and know what strategy we need to execute we'll tell you which of our services will be the best fit and why. 

From there, you can decide if you would like us to assist or if you'd like to execute it on your own.  

Either way, you'll be prepared.

We Go To Work

When you decide to hire us for your project, we'll add you into our project management system, engage the rest of our team and move forward in executing your plan. 

It's only up from there!

Not sure?

need help deciding...

No problem, I completely understand. 

Making the decision to invest in any product or service for your business is a big deal and should not be taken lightly. 

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should book a consultation with us, you can feel free to reach out via the button below.  

From there you'll be taken to my calendar to schedule a complimentary call to ask questions and get clarity on which one of our services is right for you.

my proven system

My systems Are for you if:

An already established business that is currently making money
Understand the value that structure and organization contributes to your bottom line and are willing to invest to have it done the right way first
Like the idea of content creation and embrace the opportunity to create when given the right instruction to do so
Are willing to learn new ideas and implement them into your business model
Are ready to use the internet strategically to drive traffic to your business and earn more revenue

My systems Are NOT for you if:

Not a legally established business
Are more concerned with cost than results
Are not willing, or have a huge aversion to creating content or being in front of the camera personally
Are looking to absolve tons of information and learn but unwilling to move until things are "perfect"
Have limiting beliefs about what the internet can truly do for your business.  

Hey, there's nothing wrong with saying I'm not quite ready for this yet.  If that's the case I think you should tune into the podcast, learn a little more then come back when you think you're ready!

Kae is extraordinary as a digital strategist, coach & creator.  She's led the way in setting up systems that allow me to serve and sell, and my business is better because of her.

Charreah Jackson

Executive coach & media trainer

Let us help you build smart automation systems that will free up your time to do more revenue generating activities in your business.

Don't go at automation alone.  Let us help.  We've got over 9 years of experience with helping business refine their processes and do more of what counts in their business.  Schedule a consultation and let us help you develop a custom plan and get you to your goals faster

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