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Private coaching is a great option for entrepreneurs that are looking to acquire the skillsets needed to build a profitable online business.  We work together to help you develop a solid system and framework for your business as well as teach you the necessary skills to create massive visibility online that drives high quality traffic to your offers. 

I have grown from basically nothing to making multiple 6 figures every year, what I have learnt has transformed my life and my strategy can easy be transferred to your business.

Knowing how to establish a clearly define brand and business model is key to continued success.  It takes dedication to research and understanding who you serve and what they actually need from you to help solve their problems.  Once you can clearly articulate who you are and how you help solve a problem, you'll need to create easily to follow systems in your business that will not only be easy for your customers to understand but also easy for you to start to delegate when the time comes.  True success is in the ability to create replicable systems that drive huge and predictable results, and that's where I can help!

my philosophy is simple...
 the right strategy coupled with the right tools lead to maximum success!

Step one

Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your business goals and determine what you need to implement in your business in order to accomplish them.

Step two

Get started as a private client and meet consistently to create a strategy, learn the marketing and sales skills you'll need and develop your systems.

Step three

Learn how to use the internet as a tool to drive traffic to your business systems so you can secure more of your dream clients on autopilot.

I'll teach you how to grow your business (and have funny doing it!)

If you're serious about growing a profitable business, that allows you the freedom you need to pursue all of the interests in your life, I'd love to work with you. 

Growing a business CAN and SHOULD be fun and exciting and when  you have the right strategies and tools to help you accomplish your goals you get to experience the fullness of what entrepreneurship really has to offer. 

Use the link below to schedule your consultation and get on the road to growing a business you love.

do you feel like this?

My system is perfect for you if:

provide 1-on-1 services to your clients
are or are interested in creating courses to sell to your audience
want to develop thriving communities of active paying members
are or desire to be a content creator that uses their personal brand to secure brand deals or sponsorships
are willing to learn and implement the necessary skills to use video and audio content to drive traffic and sales for your business
you want to learn how to create systems that can be passed on to help you build dynamic teams to help you accomplish your goals

Private coaching provides the opportunity for you to get dialed in customized direction on how to meet your business goals.

I will help you go to the next level by:

helping you strategize a custom plan
help you build systems for better use of your time
help you navigate decisions to helping you to avoid uneccesary mistakes
teaching you how to connect with the right people
helping you to master your content creation skillsets
help you build your confidence to show up on camera
teach you how to create massive amounts of content using the least amount of your time
teach you how to master your brand so you can pursue all of your passions
teach you how to easily growing your socials
help you boost your marketing skills
help you grow your customer list
help you get more sales!

Are you ready?

Kae understands my marketing needs and shows up for me weekly without fail. If you're looking for a good coach, Kae is your girl!


celebrity dentist and business coach


Ah-mazing!!! Kae is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise! Although I said one thing, she heard what was actually the issue. Not only was she listening, she also heard me! And that is an important asset to have in busy!

Gloria Escano

Jewelry designer

"Kae Is the Queen of Digital Marketing"

Kae is the queen of digital marketing and a very patience teacher. She will meet you where ever you and help you master social media and online marketing. She is very thorough and detailed in her videos and assignments. She will push you pass your comfort zone, but her main objective is you and your business to succeed online



"Kae was my 1st business investment and it's been the foundation for my business"

Kae helped me set the tone for who I serve and what I do for Your Career girl and it's been the foundation for what it's turned into today.

Dorriane St. Fluer

Career reinvention strategist

Let's Talk

How it Works and your investment

The first step to enrolling in my private coaching program is to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation.  

The invest for the consultation is $500 and will include the following:

90 minute strategy session to flesh out your business goals and what it's going to take for your to accomplish them
Strategic advice and guidance from myself to help you structure a priority list for your business that will help you accomplish your goals by building on top of small achievements
A clear blueprint after the call on how to implement what we discussed during our call

Once we've completed our call, you'll know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals, and at that time we'll discuss private coaching options if we both feel like that's the best next step for your business.

It was a godsend! Kae has a keen mind and understanding of the marketing ecosystem and how to marshall resources and prioritize activity.

Cal Burlock

Stem reps

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A 1-on-1 consultation is a great way to take the first step towards creating a solid strategy for your business and determining what it's going to take to accomplish your goals.

During our consultation we'll talk through your ultimate goals for your business, identify the tools and skillsets you'll need to accomplish your goals, as well as ask any questions you may have along the way. 

Once we're done, you'll know exactly what you'll need to make your dreams a reality, and just how my coaching firm can help you reach them. 

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