In this Facebook Live Replay we talk through how to use your emails in your marketing after you’ve sent a quote to a prospective client.

So many times we talk a lot about email marketing as it relates to building out your sales funnel, and capturing leads, but we often time forget that the role of email marketing is to move a person through the entire customer journey with us, so just because we send a quote doesn’t mean our email marketing is done.

{Episode starts at about 6 minutes, feel free to fast forward a bit}

A few take always you can expect from this episode:

  1. Often times after you’ve sent a quote to a potential client, email is the one remaining weapon in your arsenal that you have at your disposal to help them convert
  2. If you’re not emailing your prospective clients after the quote you are making it easy for them to forget about you and use all of the information that you’ve shared with them with someone else
  3. It’s not pushy to email after you’ve sent the quote, use your emails to educate your audience and deepen the relationship and it will help to keep the fire lit until they are ready to sign on the dotted line

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