How to Maintain Work Life Balance as a Busy Mompreneur

In today’s episode of the Kae Whitaker Show, I talk about how I maintain a healthy work-life balance as a busy mompreneur.

It’s so funny that I’m even having this conversation because when I worked for someone else I yearned for the quote-un-quote “work-life balance”, and as so many of you know, when you start working for yourself, that whole idea goes out the window at the cost of wearing that invisible “S” on your chest, and the “Ultimate Sacrifice” of your dreams!

Well before you listen, let me just say this, I completely believe in work-life balance, with the definition of balance being what you define it to be, and I practice it daily in my life.

Sometimes my definition of balance changes, but none the less, I’m deliberate about making it apart of my weekly routine. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode.

how to maintain work life balance as a busy mompreneur

Now before you listen, a big part of being able to balance work and life is understanding clearly what your priorities are and being able to define balance.  If that’s a challenge for you I’ve recorded another episode for you “Managing Expectations and Creating Breathing Room“, I encourage you to listen to that episode because I lay out very clearly how to define your balance and go from there.

Today’s episode I guess you could say is a follow up to that conversation because I share with you how to practically manage the process so you can actually achieve the balance you’ve defined for yourself.

There’s no one cookie-cutter definition of work-life balance but to manage your time to do all of what you NEED to do and all of what you WANT to do sure is a good feeling once you’ve got it down.

So take a listen and let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in having a brief look at what we discuss during the show you can check out the outline below.

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Busy Mompreneur


1. Place ALL of your affairs on your Calendar – ALL OF THEM

I know this may seem kind of elementary, but let me tell you what, in a house of 6 there is no way around it.  In the past I would only schedule what I deemed as necessary, ie Work, kids activities, ministry stuff, etc, but I would completely ignore what I WANTED to do.

You know like go to the nail shop, go to the spa, get a wax, workout, etc.

Consequently, I would always do a great job at doing all of what I “HAD” to do, but at the end of the day or the week, I’d still feel like I wasn’t fulfilled and drained because I never scheduled what I wanted to do.

The minute I started putting EVERYTHANG, yes I said EVERTHANG, on the calendar, I started to feel my spirit come to life.

Now let’s be clear when I say calendar, I’m not referring to a routine, I’m say intentionally set aside time that can not be compromised on the calendar so you are actively working towards making it happen each and every week.

If those activities turn into a routine, great, but if not and routines are hard, like they are for us, at least you know you’ve intentionally set aside the time and if you stick to the calendar you’re going to meet all of your needs.

This only works if you work it though, so be sure to tune into the show and hear how I make sure this happens once I’ve scheduled that time.

2. Project Manage Your Time – Heard of Time Blocking?

Now for me, I do time blocking my own way.

I start with allocating hours to work, hours to myself, then filling in all of my other commitments.

For some moms, this may seem a little backward, and maybe even a little selfish, but it’s my way of doing it.

Why do you ask?

If I don’t then I won’t get to me. My family is BUSY honey, like always on the go, so I have to allocate time for me to be scheduled weekly or monthly, if not then I’ll miss out on me.

Once I allocate the time, I still have to schedule it, so don’t be fooled my work isn’t done and on the show, I give you some of the deets on how I make that happen.

3. Pre-Plan for things to happen unexpectedly.

We all know that it doesn’t matter how well we plan, SOMMMETTTHHHINNNG is bound to happen, lol.

And when it does, it usually throws our whole day off and completely puts on the cranky train and you can call productivity a wrap for the day.

But what if you could do as much as you an to prepare for the “THINGS” to happen, so when they do, you can at least get through it without completely losing your stuff.

It’s a practice that is naturally to my process and I share all about it on the show.

4. Finally, You Have to Get Help

Contrary to popular belief, HELP is not a curse word, and you’ll find it’s easier to find when you plan for it.

Now I am by no means saying that getting help is always easy, but when you use foresight it becomes a lot clearer when you’ll need it and you won’t find yourself frustrated when it creeps up on you, or even worse missing out on your balance.

So to combat that stress feeling we try to have everything scheduled out in enough time for us to identify when crap is gonna hit the fan and get the help we need to control it.

Once you listen to the show, I’d be curious to know if you’ve got any strategies that you are currently using to help you get it all in.

This mom boss’s life ain’t no joke, but if we play our cards right we can certainly get everything we want and have to do in and lead fulfilling lives in the process.

So let me know what you think!

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That’s all, for now, my friend, I’ll chat with you in the next episode!

Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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