Heyyyyy friends!!!!

It’s been a little minute but I decided to hop on to do a live broadcast today because I’ve got some information to share with my private clients and I think it would be good info for anyone running a service-based business as well.

There’s been some exciting news about podcasting and I was going to share it specifically with my private clients but this is good for you too.

If you’ve got a podcast or have been thinking about podcasting, tune in, and let’s chat.

I want to share what I’ve learned and talk about some of the benefits this can have for your business!

If you need help in this area, we offer consultations, you can learn all about them and schedule one by visiting my website here —>> https://kaewhitaker.com/private-business-coaching-with-kae/ <<—.

If you’ve got questions for the show, please feel free to submit them here —>>> https://keap.app/contact-us/1049062290440548 <<<—.

I’ll be doing these types of shows a lot more frequently now and I’ll be able to answer your question on future episodes.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode and I’d love to hear what you think down in the comments!


Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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