Hey friends, last week’s episode about podcasting and YouTube’s new feature was so good I decided to keep the party going. I got quite of bit of you that reached out after watching the replay about how to start your own show or you have a show and it’s not doing what you want it to do for your business, so I decided to keep the conversation going and really dive into what I would tell a client that is thinking about getting started and why I think you should add podcasting to your content strategy.

Tune in and let’s chat about what you need to be thinking as it relates to starting or getting your underperforming show off the ground. I can’t wait to hear what you think

Who should start a podcast?

Anyone business owner that has the ability to teach or train to concepts that their audience would find helpful in their buying journey

Why I would recommend you start a podcast for your business

If your business requires a lot of education from your consumers to help them make a purchasing decision a podcast is a great way to go you can use your podcast to

Answer frequently asked questions

Teach about the importance of an idea or topic to help your customers get prepared for your service

Establish yourself as a trusted industry expert that can be trusted

A place to share your unfiltered thoughts and opinions in an environment that you control

When should you start a podcast

You can start a podcast as soon or as late as you choose

Podcasts are great value ads to already existing services

Podcasts can be great for establishing yourself as an industry expert and exploding your business

What should you have in place before you get started

A solid offer – Your offer should be clear and concise and easy to get to.

Recommendation – have your funnel in place so your audience can acquire your services easily – if you don’t know how to funnel your services watch my free training “The Art of the Sales Funnel” – this will show you what a sales funnel is, how it helps your business, and provide a quick walkthrough on how to set on up. Here’s the link to the training —>> https://kaewhitaker.com/courses <<<—

How do you get started?

You need hosting for your show

Podcasts are syndicated across popular platforms like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio etc… in order to show up to these places you need a hosting provider. I like to host my shows directly on my WordPress website using a tool called Bluburry (you can get access to your own Blubrry podcasting account here or if you visit the site use the code “kaewshow” to get your first month free) because it allows me to publish my show and my blog all in one spot and handles my heavy lifting for me. With a little preparation, I can have my show up and out to the world within a matter of minutes and will have fulfilled a couple of content creation objectives in one swoop.

I’ll be demonstrating how to get this done in more detail in the Kae Club, don’t forget you can sign up here —>>> https://learn.kaewhitaker.com/products/communities/the-kae-club

You need a microphone (Download the Online Business Toolkit) Link to the Toolkit —>>> https://kaewhitaker.com/courses/toolkit/

You need a recording device (Download the Online Business Toolkit)

You need to have a content plan (Join the Kae Club we’ll start training on this the week of April 10th https://learn.kaewhitaker.com/products/communities/the-kae-club

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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