Hello, amazing moms of HER360! Welcome back to another empowering episode of our podcast. I’m your host, Kae Whitaker, and today we have an incredibly exciting topic to discuss. We’re delving into the world of video content creation and how to tailor it to your unique personality to supercharge your business. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive in!

As moms building businesses, we understand the importance of utilizing every tool at our disposal, and video is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing. Today, we’re going to explore how to determine the type of video content that aligns with your personality and business goals.

We’re going to break down the three most popular types of video content: short-form, long-form, and live streaming. Each has its own set of attributes, and finding the perfect match for you is crucial to creating engaging and authentic content.

Let’s start with short-form content. If you’re a mom on the go, managing multiple responsibilities, short-form videos may be your sweet spot. Think about quick tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or engaging storytelling in under a minute. These videos are snackable, easily shareable, and perfect for capturing attention in our busy lives.

For those who love diving deep into topics, long-form content might be your calling. This could be in the form of in-depth tutorials, interviews, or deep dives into your business processes. Long-form videos allow you to showcase your expertise and build a deeper connection with your audience.

Live streaming, on the other hand, is all about real-time connection. If you thrive on spontaneity and enjoy interacting with your audience, going live is a fantastic option. Live videos allow you to answer questions, share updates, and create an authentic bond with your viewers.

Now, I know many of you might be wondering, ‘How do I know which type suits me best?’ It all comes down to your personality and the message you want to convey. Are you energetic and love quick bursts of information? Short-form might be your fit. Do you enjoy in-depth conversations and connecting deeply with your audience? Long-form could be your zone. And if you’re all about real-time interaction and building a community on the spot, live streaming is calling your name.

As we wrap up today’s episode, I’m thrilled to share an exciting opportunity with you. If you want to dive deeper into implementing the strategies we discuss in each episode, I invite you to join The Kae Club. It’s our brand new coaching program designed exclusively for moms like you who are ready to level up their video content game and achieve their business goals.

Visit kaewhitaker.com/the-kae-club to learn more about the program and how it can transform your video marketing strategy. Remember, in The Kae Club, we’re not just creating content; we’re creating connections, community, and success together.

Thank you for joining me on HER360 today. As always, you’re incredible, and I can’t wait to see you in The Kae Club. Until next time, keep rocking those businesses, moms!

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Video Marketing - 3 Types of Videos You Can Create and How They Match Your Personality


[00:00:00] What up friends? Happy new year. I hope your new year is going Off to, or starting off, shall I say with a bang, I know 2024 for me, it's awesome. Uh, we are officially out of our warmup sessions here for the podcast and ready to hop into business. And today we are going to be talking about. What I would do if I was getting started in video marketing, because I have had a lot of questions about where to create, how to create all that good stuff.

And video is one of those things that I absolutely love. So today we want to start having conversations saying, if you have not. Just like completely dedicated yourself to video marketing, what you need to know, what's the difference, what you should be considering, where you should be creating to get the results that you're looking for and how you make those decisions as it relates to your business.

So, um, Yeah. [00:01:00] You know, everything that we're doing right now in an online world requires some type of video. Like I sent out a survey and a lot of you all talked about course creation. Well, course creation requires us to be in front of the camera. So before we hop into things like that, let's talk about how to utilize video in your business.

Um, to help accomplish your goals, some of the types of videos you can create, um, what the benefits to some of those would be, um, how to position yourself in a video to get the results that you're looking for and what type of video is going to be best for you as the business owner. If that's something that you're interested in, I'd love to have a little conversation with you today on the podcast about it.

So let's hop into today's episode. Listening to the Her 360 podcast. Created for boss moms and wives committed to slaying their family and professional goals. You could say this show is the intersection of being a really good boss, a really good mom, and a really good wife, and [00:02:00] doing them all on your own terms.

Together, we'll have unfiltered conversations with moms from across the world about what it really takes to have the life you dream about. Kay has designed this show to be a safe place for honesty, vulnerability, and empowerment to support one another as we boldly go after life's dreams. Tear down old ideologies that keep us hostage, and as we pursue our own modern definitions of success.

If you're an ambitious mom looking for a community that supports you while you continue to evolve into the woman that you and everyone else loves, Then stick around because you're already amongst a good group of girlfriends. Now let's jump into today's episode. All right now. So before we hop in, um, let's talk about how the year ended.

I got some wins that I want to celebrate for myself. And I'm hoping that you have already taken the time to evaluate how 2023 ended [00:03:00] for you and celebrate it yourself. I know last year when we were doing our warm up sessions, I kind of incorporated this and I liked it. I liked it for a couple of reasons.

I liked it because it helped me positive, helped me focus on the positive and what I was doing well. Which when you focus more on the positive, not to say that you ignore what's not going well, but when you focus more on the positive kind of gives you that boost that you need to keep going. So one of the wins that I am truly excited about, I had a goal of setting up my community coaching program, my group coaching program called the K club.

Now I've been talking about the K club for months and I held up on the K club just like I held up on the podcast because I wanted to make sure that once it got ready to go. It was something that I was able to sustain and I was ready for. And at the end of last year, I am happy to say that we tied up all the loose ends and finalized everything we needed for this group [00:04:00] coaching program to go live.

And it is officially open for enrollment now. This is going to serve as a win and kind of like my what's new, uh, the K club is a coaching program that I have put together to be able to coach business owners like yourself on how to take the internet and really make it useful for your business. You know, here on the podcast, we talk a lot about techniques and strategies and stuff, but that's you listening to me tell you what to do in the K club.

The idea is that whatever we're talking about here, on the podcast. I'm able to then create videos to show you how to execute what I'm talking about here. That means that it's going to be structured in the way that the show is structured so that the show is kind of the The strategy, it is the, the practical, but the K Club becomes, or I'm sorry, it's the [00:05:00] theory, but the K Club becomes the practical.

It's where you go and kind of roll your sleeves up, open up your computer screen next to the membership, and kind of follow along in what I'm doing so that you can execute. Um, I, I went back and forth on how I wanted to kind of formulate that, because there's so many things that we could talk about, but I think, For me as a business owner, another win that, um, served me last year is I realized that I work a lot better when things all work together, right?

I, in addition to me being a business coach, I also am a content creator. So I'm a lifestyle creator. Uh, there's some things that I want to pursue. So I knew that I needed to really streamline. The way I was working and in order for the K Club to work, it would have to be in that streamlined manner as well.

So you guys saw me send out surveys on what you wanted to know about. I've taken that [00:06:00] information from the survey into account into how we will create subject matter here for the podcast. And the K Club is our place where we will actually show you how to get that done. It's a coaching program. So in addition to me actually giving you the behind the scenes on how to get it done, you know, there's a couple of times a month that I'll be available to answer your questions live.

My goal, um, has podcast is to form a community. of women that are building businesses and working in professional careers to help support one another. So there'll be that aspect there as well. At some point in life, I hadn't done much planning along these terms. I would love to be able to host a live retreat once a year where we can get together and really, you know, dig our heels into what we've been learning all year.

But this program is designed to go. As this podcast is going. So it is the [00:07:00] supplemental learning to the podcast, if that makes sense. So it's open for enrollment. The details that you can go and learn about it are included in the show notes. And for you being a listener of the show, uh, I have a special coupon.

It's a herd 360 coupon. That's going to save you a hundred dollars a month on the program to get you in at a. really highly discounted rate, um, so that you can hop in and start this journey with me. So that was my first win. I wrapped that up by the end of the year, I finalized what services are going to be offered this year and how we're going to offer them.

Um, and I wanted to be ready to record. For the three, six to her 360 podcast, like we're doing now and be ready to do that on a consistent basis, a couple of times out of the week, and we have accomplished all of those things. So we're ready for the new year. Um, I'm ready to spend a whole lot of time with you guys, uh, in helping you be better business, better [00:08:00] online business marketers.

So that you can reach your, your financial goals and learning the way that I create content that helps me in every part of my business, through the service space, part of my business, through the affiliate marketing part of my business and through the brand collaborations part of my business. So we're all set and ready to go.

All right, child. So let's get into this, uh, video conversation. So as it relates to video, just like any other type of content, there are so many different types of ways that you could create videos. So today I want to take you through three of the most popular types of video content that you create. Kind of give you some attributes to each one of them, talk about some misconceptions.

as relates to one type of video over the other and tell you where they can be found. So you can use this information to kind of make a decision on how you want to create video content moving forward. Right? So one of the things that I want to point out though, before I start talking about the types of video is [00:09:00] that whenever I'm talking to anybody, when we're creating content and we're trying to figure out what type of content we're going to is the first thing we want to consider is ourselves, not the platform.

So I don't, I don't need you thinking about Instagram right now. I don't need you thinking about YouTube right now. Facebook, none of that. What I need you to think about is your personality and how you like to create. You're here listening to video because you're exploring the idea or maybe you're creating video and it's not working the way you want it to work.

So. Clearly, we know that there's some interest in video, but as it relates to video, the hope is that once you kind of identify these three popular ways that you can kind of put your personality to the video type first. And then once you've done personality to video type match, then you can move into what platform is going to serve you best in order to distribute this content that you're getting ready to create.

Okay. That's the key. It's not, Oh, I want to be an Instagram creator. So let me go figure out how to work [00:10:00] Instagram. It's, Oh, this is the type of content that I want to create, which platform is going to serve me best. And you might be surprised that Instagram should not be the place that you go first or Facebook or YouTube, whatever.

Okay. So let's talk really quickly about the three popular video types that you can create. Type number one is going to be this short form video. And when I say short form video, I'm talking from three to three seconds to a minute and a half long, right? These types of videos are most popular on places like Instagram Reels.

TikTok is what really put it on the platform. But you can also see it now on places like YouTube. Facebook Reels has a really good program. Um, for, for short form video, but again, there's some things that you want to take into consideration when you're doing short form video that we'll talk about in just a second that may lean you towards it or against it, just depending on [00:11:00] what your personality type is.

Is okay. Keep that in mind. The second most popular type of video content is going to be your longer form video, which is what most of us old heads came up on. We came up on YouTube videos. These are those videos that are 30 minutes long, 15 minutes long, that demonstrate an idea that teach us a concept that show us how to get something done that document a process to help us accomplish a goal that we have personally or professionally.

This is that age. Age long adage that has provided to be the most successful form of video content. I don't care what we're doing and there's reasons why. But again, your personality has to lean itself towards that. And we'll talk about what that looks like in just a second. But you can find long form video most popularly.

On YouTube, um, those 15 minutes to 30 minute long videos, uh, you can make videos that are longer than a minute and 30 seconds for platforms like [00:12:00] Facebook, LinkedIn, um, even Instagram, but ain't nobody watching them. So the most popular place for that type of video style is YouTube. But matching your personality to that is going to be important.

And then thirdly, the third most popular type of video creation right now is going to be your live broadcasting and every platform is offering live broadcasting, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tik TOK. Um, I don't think Pinterest does it yet, but I think I saw something on Pinterest. That said, live broadcasting was coming and it is because all of these platforms understand the power of real time engagement in a video environment and how that increases the time on their platform and you as the content creator, how that increases your success rate.

Live broadcasting and streaming is an All right, and we'll talk about what it takes [00:13:00] in order to do that in just a second. So you can match your personality to what that looks like. But that would be the third type of content. As far as video is create video creation is concerned. That's going to be most popular, um, and has proven to be pretty effective.

So. Now that you understand that, let's talk about some attributes as it relates to each one of these content types. So starting with short form video, some of the things that you want to know is that it's all pre recorded. Short form is not live. Short form is usually a compilation of pre recorded videos that have been put together to create an up to minute and a half long story.

Uh, usually it is highly effective for things like entertaining and explaining quick ideas. How does this match to your personality? Uh, I personally like short form video to do like edutaining, if that makes sense, or documenting. And it [00:14:00] is short bite sized pieces of a bigger concept. So my personality is most suited for long form video.

I like to pre record stuff. I like it to be a little bit more polished. I like to have a little bit more time to plan out my ideas. If you could see me, I have two sheets worth of notes that I'm going through. I like for my videos to be a little bit more structured and that it's most suitable for long form video.

You still have structured video storytelling in a short form video. The end product is only a minute and a half long. So what does that mean? That means you have to be able to tell a story quickly. in less than a minute and a half to be able to get the point across to the audience that's looking to receive it.

From a personality standpoint, a minute and a half is quick. A minute and a half is quick. Even in the reels and TikToks that you see us doing, like lifestyle videos, like a day in the life of it's still quick. We still got to be able to transition. from idea to [00:15:00] idea quickly in order to tell a full story.

And if your personality is like mine, where it takes you a little longer to get to the point, the short form video in the form of education may not be for you, but you might be able to use something like live broadcasting to help you create short form videos, which we'll talk about in just a second.

Short form videos are mostly found on platforms like TikTok. Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube has introduced shorts in the past, what, year and a half. Pinterest, um, has the short form videos do really well on Pinterest. But again, your personality, the way you think, has to be able to structure a story to transition from idea to idea quickly and be able to fit that story within a minute and a half.

If you can do that, if your brain moves that fast, then short form video might be the way to go. If your brain doesn't move as fast, then you might want to consider the [00:16:00] next popular option, which is the long form video, which gives you more time to get to the point. And more time to prepare. Okay. With long form video, they too are pre recorded.

They're longer than that minute and a half that we talked about. They're highly effective for demonstrations, education, and explaining ideas, documenting a process, showcasing capabilities. Longer form videos are really good for that. They tend to be a lot more structured, meaning it takes a little longer to plan.

So, and you've got to do some research for them, but we'll talk about misconceptions in a little bit. Uh, but they're mostly found on places like YouTube. It's the GOAT. For a long form video, Facebook, you can post videos that are longer than a minute and a half LinkedIn as well. I think you can post them.

The last time I checked, I hadn't been on LinkedIn in about a year or so, so don't shoot me, but I think it was up to 10 minutes, but that is for that place for the personality [00:17:00] type that takes a little longer to get to the idea. I'm raising my hand. I am guilty. Um, longer form videos, uh, usually require a little bit more gear where short form videos, you can get the footage from a camera if you want, but it is highly suitable for, uh, mobile viewing.

Long form video usually is going to be found in that landscape structure that you see on YouTube and is suitable for all devices. But you, you generally will create that video with some type of high tech gear. Although you can use your mobile device to get really good long form videos. With that being said, sometimes it can lead us up to be more expensive if you're not savvy and don't understand how to create high quality content through your phone, but there's techniques to that.

But just in general, you need a little bit more in order to produce the final product of a long form video. Me, myself, personally, I'm okay with that. [00:18:00] Um, I like the idea of showcasing in my best light. The long form video has always worked for me, uh, because I just like it. Now the third, and for those reasons, it takes me a while.

The third most popular type of video content that you can create right now is going to be live streaming. Now, live streaming has been around for ages. Actually, I actually got my start in long form video through live streaming. Live streaming, the difference, the primary difference between live streaming and long form video is that long form video is pre planned, pre recorded.

Live streaming is pre planned, but it is live Johnny on the spot. Difference here is the way your community gets to engage with you. All of the characteristics that we talked about from a long form video standpoint, all apply to live streaming. Streaming is usually the longer, the better. Okay. Um, it's highly effective for the same reasons why longer form video are highly effective.

You usually can [00:19:00] educate, you can tell a longer story, you can engage live with your audience so you can answer questions. You can have a little bit more fun from a live streaming standpoint. You can be a little bit more, you know, charismatic because you got to keep the attention of the streamer, of the person that's streaming.

Um, but again, they're mostly found. Any platform that you can think of has it. I even want to say Pinterest is introducing it. I'll have to go back and look. Uh, and that is because all social platforms understand that live streaming is a unique way to connect with the viewer. Okay. And it is a way that you can connect with the viewer on a deeper level.

And as a business owner, somebody that offers a service, I can tell you, you get results quicker if you can master the concept of live streaming and then read. Creating or re, [00:20:00] re, what's the word I'm looking for? Ah, what's the word I'm looking for? Repurposing that content into a standard long form video and into some short videos.

So personality wise for a live streamer, you want to be able to keep the attention. You got to have some energy. You can't show up monotonous and stuff like that. You got to be able to be on. For the amount of time that you said that you're going to be on, but then you also want to understand the platform because I've streamed on all of them.

And even though, you know, you've got places like tick tock that offer live streaming, the live environment on tick tock is a lot different than the live environment you would find on say like Instagram or Facebook. So understanding the platform is going to be helpful when you're saying that you want to do, be a live streamer.

So some misconceptions that you might be thinking as far as video is concerned is that short form video might be easier. It ain't, sis. It is not. It's just different. Okay. You might think that short form video, because that's the craze [00:21:00] right now, will increase your visibility, which will then increase your profitability.

Not necessarily. Not necessarily. And there's no one form of video that is better than the other. Again, we're matching the type of video that we're going to create to our personalities. And then once we've matched it to our personalities, we're then going to Matt, take. That and determine which platform we're going to use in order to execute our goals.

The reality is, is that there's not one that's better than the other. The reality is, is that based on your personality, you will find that you will have greater success in one type of these over the other because your personality leans itself to that. If you can tell a story quickly, and if you can hook somebody in quickly, then short form video might be the way to go.

If you like recording on your phone versus recording on an actual [00:22:00] DSLR camera, short form video might be the way to go. If you like places like Instagram and TikTok, and that's where you go to consume your information, to get the information that you need to help you create a buying decision, then short form video might be the way to go.

But on the flip side of that, if you like watching long form videos to get the information that you need in order to help you make a buying decision, long form video might be the way to go. If you yourself consume video in a certain type of way, and your ideal customer is just like you, then you gotta think that they're going to consume the content in the same type of way.

So if they're watching YouTube I think you probably need to be looking at YouTube, you know, looking at creating videos for YouTube. So it's all about what's going to work best based on how you create. So let's talk really quickly before we go about some things to consider. Okay. Um, [00:23:00] when you're talking short form video, the easiest way I found to create reels, and I'm going to give you my process.

Now, if you like me, I go to YouTube for everything. I go to YouTube first. I am on TikTok and Instagram for entertainment. I am not there to learn anything to help me buy. Now, I will say from an influencer perspective, me being an influencer, if there's a quick product that I know is hot, I'm gonna make a reel about it.

If there is, uh, like for Christmas, for example, we'll talk about Christmas because it just passed. I was decorating mantles and doing all the things. I could tell those stories in a minute and a half, because I had made longer videos to talk about them, so I just pulled short pieces and put them all together, and I was able to link out to the products that I used, because I was able to showcase what those products looked like at the end.

For things like that, short form video worked really, really well for me. [00:24:00] But as even a home content influencer, On YouTube, my YouTube videos convert, and I'm going to talk now, I'm going to transition now from what you should be thinking about yourself to what has worked for me. Okay. For me now in the content creation space, just in the home decor vertical, because I create for different verticals, but just in the home decor vertical, what has been most effective for me is making longer form videos.

In the form of YouTube videos where I document a process from start to finish. It might be one concept. For example, we're working on my husband's office now. So I break this office renovation down into different, uh, categories. Like the first part was building the bookcases. We made a video for that. We published it to YouTube and then we take short pieces of that video [00:25:00] to then publish them to Instagram.

pulling specific parts out of a longer story to tell a short story to point them to where they can go and get the longer story that works for us. Now, if in this video there were things that we used, tools that we used and stuff like that, And I'll say, Hey, if you're working on this, I got a full tutorial on how to get it done over on YouTube.

But if you want the tools to help you get this done, you can shop my LTK or you can shop my Amazon storefront, or you can go to the blog and find a list of how I got this done on the blog. There's goals to it, right? But I'm not going to do a full how to install. Cap base cabinets on it in my office on Instagram because I can't tell the story fast enough I'm not witty enough for that I'm not saying that it can't be done because there are some home decor girlies that are out there doing it I'm just saying for my personality type.

This is the difference in him This is what I want [00:26:00] you to think about for my personality type. I'm just not Fast enough. I'm not witty enough. I can't in a minute and a half. I can't get it all out. I have the need to be able to tell a longer story. And the only way that I'm going to get that story out is to use a platform that supports that type of content, which for me is YouTube.

You see where I'm going? So it's not necessarily that I've chose YouTube because I want to be a YouTube creator. I chose YouTube because That is the best platform, in my opinion, that supports the type of video that I want to create that will help me get to the audience that I want to get to, to be seen.

And I use Instagram Reels and TikToks as a supplement. To that longer form video to tell a shorter story, not the full story, just to take it as a highlight reel to highlight some of the things that I've done in [00:27:00] this longer story to send traffic to the longer story and for the folks that are okay with the shorter story and just want to know what I did in order to get it done.

Send them somewhere else to get that information. Does that make sense? That's how my personality is set up. And that's how I want you to think about how you're going to create content. Maybe reels are good. But maybe you need another place to go to tell a longer story that you should also be creating in.

And I know you're thinking, dang, Kaden, that means I gotta spend more time, um, making content. Yeah, yeah, like the days are gone where I'm gonna pacify you guys and be like, content creation ain't gonna take you no time. That's bull. All right. The honest to goodness truth about this is that if you want to show up, In an online landscape, you got to be there.

You got to be there. You have to be consistent, and it requires content in order to get your message across for people to be able to build trust in you [00:28:00] to decide whether or not they're going to work with you. Doesn't matter if you're blogging. I still have to have trust in order for people to purchase products.

It doesn't matter if I'm coming from a business perspective. I still have to have enough content to inform the listener or the viewer. that I know what I'm talking about, and that requires more than one piece of content a week. You cannot do it with just posting once a week. I'm sorry, not do it organically.

It just doesn't work that way. And with video being as big as it is, You want to create a video strategy that helps you create once and repurpose as many times as you need to repurpose to tell the story. Okay. And one part of my vertical in the home decor part of my industry. I love the longer form video because it gives me time to document the process and then take highlights from that video to share them on my other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

But I can also use that same idea [00:29:00] to go live. And from that live video, turn it into a longer video using the same highlight strategy to take highlights from that video to share them to my other platforms. And with AI right now, there are tools out there that will take our long form video and pull out the most interactive parts of that video, saving us time creating captions for us to publish to other platforms.

There are so many tools available at our fingertips to help us do this. The first thing that we have to understand is what our personality will allow us to do and what platform is going to be best in order to help us accomplish our goals. And that is what I wanted to drive home for you today because that's where I want you to think.

In 2024, I don't want you to be thinking about the platform first. I need you to think about you because that's going to help you determine how well you're going to be able to create one, how much content you'll be able to create two, and where you'll be able to [00:30:00] distribute three. Distribution comes last.

What and how come first, and then all is predicated on you and what you have the capacity to do. So if you're thinking about video, instead of thinking about the platform, sis, I want you to think about what your personality will let you do. Creating long form video and short form video is not the same.

The techniques to create both of those types of videos are different. They both require hooks. Yes, but the hook has to be different for each type of video and the formatting has to be different. And if you're not a video expert, I would tell you to start with one type. First, and then decide on the next type and go from there.

Once you get good, say a short form video, maybe you can tell a longer story, but maybe if you just focus on the long form video that relieves you a little bit to say, okay, I'm only going to focus on YouTube and I need to learn how to use the YouTube [00:31:00] platform. How are viewers searching for videos like mine?

What keywords do I need to have in place? What does my thumbnail need to look like in order to make the viewer stop? And what is the first. 10 to 15 seconds of my video need to entail in order to make them stick around and listen for a little bit. And where do I need to interject in the video for advertising and getting people to subscribe to the channel so that they can get notifications and my views can grow video over video.

And I know that sounds like a lot, but it's the same thought process for Instagram and TikTok as well, boo. It is the same. It don't change. It's just now that I'm on Instagram and I've made this short form video What does the hook need to look like? What does the first three to five seconds of the video need to look like?

What does the thumbnail need to look like? What does the video? What does the content in the video that I'm doing in the first three to five seconds need to look like? How do I get found? Where are the hashtags? What other parts of the community can I go and be a part of? Where I can have conversations with other folks that are consuming stuff like this.

Like how do I show up and explore, but [00:32:00] all of those things are going to happen no matter what type of video content you choose to create. So don't run from one or the other because you know that there's work involved on the back end in order to get your video scene. Just focus on your personality first, determine what type of video you're going to make and then determine where you're going to distribute that video.

Okay. And if you do those three things, It'll at least give you a kickstart in the video creation process to help you understand this is what I need to learn. This is where I need to be focusing my energy versus create long form videos and then trying to figure out how Instagram works. You follow me?

You get what I'm saying? So, I'm hoping that our first conversation out of 2024 has been one that has served you well. Hee hee hee hee hee hee. We came straight out the gate with some stuff. I hope you took notes, sis. And wrote down some stuff. And what I really want you to do after you listen to today's episode is I want you to go back and look [00:33:00] at the way that you're creating videos.

And determine whether or not they're matching your personality. Do not worry about the followers that you have. Don't worry about the views that you already have. You can get that. When you get organized and structured, you can get all of that stuff quick. Okay, you can get all of it quick. If you are a long term video girl and a live broadcasting girl, I'm gonna tell you right now that the K Club is probably a place that you want to join because I can teach you inside of there how to take those videos and chop them down and make them short form videos to help.

That way you have accomplished all three goals. Short form video girls. Listen, I love you, and I might be able to learn something from you. I am not the girl that is just going to create short form videos off of trends and stuff like that. Like, my, my personality ain't set up for that. I don't care about a trend.

Um, I'm not about to do the quirky things that need to happen in order to entertain. My style is a little different. So, sometimes that keeps me from being able to create these TikToks and [00:34:00] Instagrams because my personality just doesn't lend itself to that. Um So because my personality doesn't lend itself to that, I have to start somewhere else first and then take that content, repurpose it down and push it into like trending audios and stuff like that so that it's visible.

Completely different strategy. If you want to know how to do that, then the K Club is going to be the place where you go to learn how to do those things. I'll be recording Friday this week. A quick masterclass on how you take your long form video and chop that video down into shorter bite sized pieces to be consumable on places like TikTok and Instagram.

And you can only get that inside of the K Club. Okay. So that's today's episode. We'll talk more about content and future episodes. Like next week, we'll look at the different platforms and understanding what they are and what purposes they can help you serve in your business and what type of content you can create for all those [00:35:00] platforms.

I just wanted to start here because I had been getting a lot of questions and pushback about video. And while it is not. The most, uh, easiest thing to tackle. It is definitely what these platforms want. It's the era that we're in. And if you want to get to results fast, I would highly consider it. I'm not going to say you can't get there without it because that's not true.

I would just say that if you want to get there quickly. and want to be in the good graces of these platforms, then it might be a content type that you would consider so that you can help accomplish your financial goals online in 2024. That's it. That's all. All right. If you like today's episode, maybe you've got some questions and you're not yet ready to join the K Club.

Um, you can submit your questions via the form in the show notes. I will take those questions into a Q& A segment at the end of the month. Um, but if you want, if you have questions about today's episode or you want [00:36:00] to see how you could do something like this, um, like over my shoulder, me walking you through it, I would highly encourage you to go check out the K Club.

Um, the K Club right now is priced at 147 a month, but because you're a listener of the podcast, You have a coupon code, HER360, no spaces, that is going to save you 100 a month. That means you get access to a 147 program at 47 a month, as long as you keep your membership active, which I think is incredible.

And the reason why I'm doing that is because we're just launching this here in January. Uh, ain't nobody in there. And I would love to get some of you all in and get you a quick start. Uh, now that we're starting the new year to get you off to the right foot. We'll have bi weekly office hours, like we talked about before, where we'll go live and I'll answer your questions live.

And every time we publish a podcast episode, there will be a supplemental video inside of the cup, uh, inside of the K Club that will show you how to [00:37:00] do. What we talked about in the actual episode. So be sure to check out the K club and use the code her 360, uh, in order to save those savings and get access to the K club for only 47 a month.

Be sure to connect with me over on the Instagram. Go check me out on the YouTube if you want to, you can find me at Kay Whitaker. That is our home decor channel. You can kind of look at the style of videos that we're making to get an idea of what we're talking about, but I am Kay Whitaker everywhere on the internet.

I'm excited to be back in front of the microphone with you in 2024 and I cannot wait to see all the things we come up with over the next year, uh, getting you to be the smart online business owner or online business marketer that you can be. All right, that's it for today's episode. I'll see you in the next one.

Bye now!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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