Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of Her 360 today. I’m really excited because we are talking to Onyi Azih of sincerlyonyi.com. Onyi is a 30 something Nigerian American trying to juggle life as a working Mom of 2 littles, maintaining a long-distance marriage all while practicing medicine as a Physician Assistant. I can’t forget to mention she’s also a full-time Motherhood, Lifestyle and Travel blogger. So let’s just say, she keeps my hands full.

In today’s episode, Onyi and I talk about how she’s able to balance it all. I found Onyi on TikTok and let’s just say I laughed from a healthy place at all of her content.

Onyi has an amazing way of pulling you into her world and making you feel like you’re best friends and it’s because of that reason I knew I had to interview her.

You’ll find that after you listen to today’s episode that it is so much you can learn from her, and I hope if you’re a content creator that is interested in learning how to make this business work for you, you reach out and get the help you need.

In the meantime be sure to connect with Onyi via

Instagram, TikTok, and Clubhouse (if you have it) and be sure to let her know I sent you!


Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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