In today’s episode I got to chat with Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting, who is profitability coach for creative entrepreneurs.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s extremely important that I’m not only profitable monetarily but also with my time and Michele helps us to understand just how to get that done!

Here are a few of Michele’s many accolades!

Michele Williams is sought after for her ability to easily explain complex business

principles and processes in a simple, straightforward way. She began her career

in financial software design before starting her first company in 2000, providing

soft furnishings for the home industry.

With a varied background in working in small, medium and large businesses,

Michele has a great grasp on the scalability factors that are essential to growing a


As a certified Profit First professional, Michele strives to help creative business

owners focus on the financial health and profitability of their companies. She

believes that each choice is a step towards or away from profitability. Those who

work with her understand the correlation between each decision and their

own profitability.

Pricing, profits, process and procedures are important but can be difficult

for the creative entrepreneur to implement. Michele has proven strategies and

mindsets to overcome these obstacles, and she can give every business owner a

healthy dose of confidence along the way.

You can connect with her at

You can find Michele at:


And learn all about her Designer’s Inner Circle Here…

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