It’s back to school time, yayyy!!!!!

I know a lot of you are not nearly as excited about this time as I am and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how we’ve prepared for this season, so I recorded a podcast episode about it to tell you what we’ve done, especially since we’re still knee-deep in this COVID-19 situation.

For us, this was something that didn’t require a lot because I started preparing early, but I know a lot of moms were holding out to see how things would play out and I know that it’s been touch and go for weeks no, so I thought I’d share our process to provide a little tactical advice for you if you need it.

Now be warned, I do fuss a little at the end of the episode, not at you, just in general, just because I’m so passionate about making sure our kids feel some stability.

If you’ve got questions after you listen, feel free to shoot me a message over in my IG stories and I’ll answer them maybe in an IG live or story soon.

Thank you again for always supporting, I know this year is kinda stressful, but you’ve got this mama, don’t worry you’ll do just fine!

As always, if you loved what you heard share with a friend friend, sharing is caring!!!!

Show Take-Aways

Prepare the kids

Prepare a space for the kids to learn

Flex your schedule

Inform who needs to know

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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