In today’s episode I got to chat with the fabulous Mrs. Erica Hood Vincent and let me tell you what, get you some tissue because you are going to need it!

This particular episode really touched me because Erica and I met via Instagram and we really bonded when I was venting one day maybe a couple of years back about the treatment that my son was receiving from his teachers at school.

You see, my 12 year old has ADHD and it’s not been easy maneuvering through the school district, and what I didn’t know at the time was that this lady name Erica Vincent was watching me and had been where I was currently at and literally picked up her phone, sent me a DM, told me to call her and we talked for hours about what I could do to help my son and help myself as his mother and we’ve been on and kicking ever since.

Now I knew we had that in common, but it wasn’t until we met for this podcast episode that I learned she was also navigating through having a son that chose a different lifestyle than what she worked so tirelessly to provide for him and the heartache that she endured doing so.

But Erica is a fighter and believes God for his miracles, even though Erica shares with us very vividly the struggles that she endured while raising her son, she reminds us that God is always in control and that every single thing will work within his plan, and for the Vincents, it did just that.

So sit back, and relax as you listen to today’s episode. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that Erica is giving us and think about how good it is to be surrounded by a group of girlfriends, that love and care about you.

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Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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