In today’s episode I had the honor of speaking with the fabulous Chaun Vaughn in our girl chat series!!!

Chaun is The Heart Forward Leadership Expert and feels that in today’s business world, there are too many leaders stuck in the traditional style leadership model, which is proving to be unproductive and ineffective for the workforce. This is why she spends her days promoting a Heart Forward Leadership style.

​Chaun’s goal for newly appointed and aspiring leaders, is to equip them with Heart Forward strategies that will

Reduce employee turnover

Foster employee buy-in that drives engagement

Promote a multi-generational culture

Cultivate a pipeline of successful leaders

Chaun believes that “Every great leader knows that the value of your success can only be seen through the success of your team.”

Chaun is a proud graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition-Dietetics. She has been in leadership roles for over 15 years within the nutrition industry which has led to her love for leadership training and speaking.

She is the author of Being Heart Forward, An Others Centered Leadership Guide and Workbook, which touches on four Heart Forward principles every leader should utilize to be successful.

Because of her leadership push within the community of women leaders, she was awarded the VIP Woman of the Year from the National Association for Professional Women, she received a certificate of Congressional Recognition, designating February 13th, Chaun’s birthday, as Heart Forward Day in the 18th District in Texas among many other accolades.

Chaun’s mission is to help create a leadership change that will not only propel the team to success, but the leader as well. “Let’s change leadership one heart at a time!”

Chaun simply put is a super woman with a long list of acclaims to confirm that. But even with all of the success that Chaun has encountered in her journey, she shares some very intimate moments with us about what it really took for her to get there.

She shares her timeline very transparently with us and I was so encouraged and inspired after speaking with her for today’s episode!

So sit back and relax as you listen to today’s interview and be sure to let Chaun know you found her from the show!

As always, if you enjoy today’s episode, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

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Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

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