In today’s episode, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview and amazing woman by the name of Delise Bernard that I am proud to call family and who is also the founder of an incredible resource for homeschooling families called Surviving Homeschool.

In today’s show, Delise and I chat about some of the challenges that homeschooling moms might face and her advice to get through those challenges.

I ask Delise to share her insight on what she thinks it takes to commit to homeschooling your children.

You all know this is a new road for me, so my goal is to bring as many resources to the table as I can if you’re considering this path as well. I was so excited to interview Delise because she invited me to a fairly new community on Facebook, and I was floored by the level of real engagement and support the group provides for families that are just trying to educate smart kids, lol.

Delise and I spoke briefly behind her heart behind her group, Surviving Homeschool, and I knew after talking with her that I had to have her on the show.

Delise has been homeschooling her kids forever, that’s right, her babies have NEVER crossed the threshold of a public school. And while you might think this was her plan from the very beginning you might be surprised to hear how this really came about.


Show Take Aways

One of the things that stuck out to me the most from today’s episode was Delise’s advice to stay attached to your why. Deciding to homeschool your children is a major life decision and while it may feel liberating in the beginning, I’m sure it comes with its challenges, as you hear Delise discuss in today’s show.

But what I love about her reminding us of our “why”, is that I know for myself personally, I’m an entrepreneur so it’s my “why” that keeps me going when things aren’t going my way, so I’m no stranger to the why being the motivation, and I think you could agree with that as well.

What it made me realize, however, is that there is no need to compartmentalize the why. My homeschooling why is very much attached to my professional why as well, and if I use the same thought process that I do when it comes to working, I can navigate through challenging times when they come.

My hope today is that you find Delise’s insight as valuable as I did when she and I first talked about it.

Her passion for self-educating your kids and having the confidence to do so really stands out on the show, and if you’re a homeschooling family her group Surviving Homeschool is an amazing resource that I highly recommend. I’m apart of it despite me being lousy at Facebook groups and it helps me when I’m there so I’m sure it can do the same for you.

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