In today’s episode, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview and an amazing woman by the name of Alana Higginbotham as she shares her homeschooling journey with us. I am proud to call Alana a friend and she is a wonderful example of what a homeschooling mother with all the confidence exudes.

In today’s show, Alana shares her story of how she came to the decision to homeschool her boys and why enough was enough.

Alana takes her own personal experiences and delivers a message that anyone can use to help their growth. As a Mental Strategist, she helps you turn your anxiety, laziness, and negative focus into opportunity. She shares a few of her own life’s challenges and the strategies she used to overcome them, and today is no different.

Alana shares her real-life experience to give us insight as mothers on how we can help create a system for our children that helps them thrive.

Tune in to today’s episode and get a dose of confidence, especially with the school year approaching and get the confidence to do whatever you choose for the best interest of your family this upcoming school year.

Remember, especially during this time, there really is no right or wrong answer, the right answer is the one that serves the needs of your family.

Show Take-Aways

Alana’s story is inspiring because as mother’s we want the best for our kids and sometimes we are so accustomed to what we’ve always known that we miss the opportunity to take control of our kids’ learning experience and make it what works best for them.

Alana encourages me often to know that I am in charge of this process and all things won’t always be perfect but we are the drivers of this ship.

This is especially important because so many of us are considering alternative ways to educate our children and we lack the confidence to understand if we do something outside of what we are used to that it’s just different not wrong.

She gives us a good laugh with her candid experience as being a mother and going through this process together with our children and how sometimes we may lose our cool, but we intuitively know our children and will grow together during the process.

There’s no misstep or mistake you can’t overcome because you are ultimately in control.

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