In this broadcast, we talked about the 3 phases you should go through as a business owner to help you build a successful content marketing plan.

Most businesses understand that content plays a very important role in how we connect with our potential clients and can do a pretty decent job of ensuring that they have the right information for a potential customer from the time that they actually meet in person to the close of the sale, but don’t do so well with providing the preliminary pieces of information that a customer might need in order to conclude that they would actually want to have a conversation with your business in the first place. 

So today we want to talk about your content and put it in the perspective of a journey for your potential clients.  

I want to help you understand how to create content that speaks to your prospects at different stages of their buying journey with you and how to create a system to help you guide them through that journey. 

You’re going to learn that there are 3 basic stages in planning a successful content marketing strategy, and you’ll learn the activity that you should be conducted at each stage of the process.

Take a listen to the broadcast and let me know what you think.

And as a plus, here’s a quick outline of what we discussed during the show.


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Broadcast Outline

Research Phase

Get the best understanding of your customer possible

  1. Start with demographics
  2. Understand what they are personally into
  3. Start hanging out where they are

Planning Phase 

This is where you’re going to start engaging your prospects and planning for the content that you’re going to provide to them 

  1. Engage in the conversation – be apart of the community that they are in – ie groups, public social posts etc…
  2. Take note of the sentiment around the problem your service solves – be prepared to speak their language – pay attention to what makes them happy and what upsets them
  3. Start to gather your ideas and choose where you’ll distribute it for each type of prospect
  4. Start identifying the level of experience your prospects might have with how your services are offered to match their level of experience to your teir of service (We call this offer mapping)
  5. Identify your distribution channels

Execution Phase

You’ll start to put your plan into motion and present your content to the appropriate tier of prospects

  1. Start with a few of the questions that you noticed floating around during your research phase and identify the audience that these questions are most suited to
  2. Evaluate how familiar this type of audience is with you
  3. Determine the format that you’re going to deliver the content in – will it be video, social media posts, an ebook, emails etc…
  4. Begin with the audience that has the lowest hanging fruit – for example, you may have content needs for cold and warm audiences but because you know it will take the cold audience longer to convert you might start the distribution with your content for your warmer prospects so you can get to a sale quicker, and while you’re making money be working on tapping into a market of people that don’t know you.


Creating content online should be fun and provide an experience for both you and your potential customers.  If your business struggles with creating content, we can help.  We offer complimentary calls to discuss your goals and offer our best services on how we can help you accomplish them.

To take advantage of your complimentary 15-minute call just CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to my calendar to choose a time that works best for you.

Can’t wait to see how I can help!

Kae Whitaker
Kae Whitaker

Kae is the founder of Kae Whitaker Media Group, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Katy, TX.

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