Welcome to My Inner Circle

A place where you can get access to coaching that will teach you the strategies you need to increase the volume of customers that you get by marketing your products or services online.

Looking to book more clients online?

Attention Small Business Owners

Are you looking to learn how to improve your marketing strategies and drive more customers to your business through online marketing?

Feature Course #1 Email Marketing Bootcamp


In the Email Marketing Boot Camp we break down the understanding of Email Marketing and how it effects your business, then I show you how to not only create emails, but how to story board them in a way that accomplishes the goals of email marketing which is moving subscribers from just signing up to actual paying customers.  Over & Over again!!!


Feature Course #2 Social Media Take Down


In the Social Media Take Down, I show you the exact process that we use here at the Kae Factory, that allows us to create weeks worth of content, within a few hours a month.


This allows us to focus our online energy on things that matter more like community engagement and growth!  You’ll love the way this course saves you time!


Feature Course #3 Live Broadcasting for Profits


So in Broadcasting for Profits I lay out the systems of going live.  If you can present content in a way that makes sense, you can do a live broadcast, but the key is having a system in place that captures your audience long after the broadcast is complete.


In Broadcasting for Profits you’ll learn the systems and the tools you’ll need to turn your online presentations into cash flow for your business.  You’ll thank me when it’s all said and done!

A Look at How it Works

Here’s a break-down of how the inner circle works.

  • You’ll learn how to save time, energy & money on the things that don’t work and refocus your efforts on the activities that will generate revenue
  • You’ll have weekly live access to me as I guide you through a focused training approach for the month to help you in a specific area of online marketing
  • You’ll have access to a 24/7 PRIVATE community that will offer support from other entrepreneurs just like you to help you accomplish your goals
  • You’ll have access to me live once a month for a special “Office Hours” session where you can ask me all of your questions, and get feedback on your monthly progress
  • You’ll have weekly action items that will be geared towards helping you accomplish the goals for the month and strengthen your skill set
  • You’ll have access to a growing library of the courses, so when the month is through you’ll have access to the content to review at your leisure

Join The Inner Circle Today Only $97/Month

The courses that are offered in my inner circle ARE NOT available for individual sale.  Because I take pride in updating my courses when changes happen, I like to also offer the additional support that can only be found in the inner circle.  So don’t miss out on the coaching that WILL change the way you do business online.  Join us in the Inner Circle Today!

Kae's note for the inner circle

One more thing…

I have been in deep development of The Inner Circle for the past year now, and have dialed into a system of coaching that gets results for my students. I get emails and private notes from the Inner Circle members almost daily about the success that they are having in their business and how much easier life has become as a part of being in this program.


The small $97 monthly investment in your personal development is nothing compared to the time, energy and resources you waste trying to accomplish your goals on your own.


Remember there’s not even a contractual commitment to join, you just need to show up and do the work. If it proves that this isn’t the program for you, you can leave at any time with just a click of a button!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do we meet?

A. Once a week


Q. What happens if I have questions in between our meeting?

A. I post a thread weekly for questions inside of the group, and if there are any I record answer to the questions to keep you going until we meet again.


Q. How soon do I get access to the program.


A. Immediately.  Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email receipt as well as a username and password to the virtual library.  Once in, it takes about 15 minutes max to give you access to all of the classes, and you’ll also go in to request access to the private group where all of the coaching happens. 


Q. Am I committing to a contract?


A. NO.  This program is a month to month program.  If you decide you want to exit stage left you can do so without any hard feelings or financial obligations to the program.


Q. Can I get my money back?


A. I do not offer refunds because you can’t give anything back.  There are downloads and templates that even if you cancel you are still free to use, and for that there are no refunds.  


Q. Do I have to attend the live trainings? 


A. No.  I understand that some of you may have schedules that don’t allow you to be live.  It’s not a problem, the live trainings are always placed in your membership area immediately for review.  In some cases, we may go in and edit for final products but it won’t affect you being able to login whenever you get ready to view the content and get access to your action steps.  If you have questions afterwards, you can always post it in the thread in the group and I’ll hop on a recorded video to answer them by the week’s end. 


Q. Do I need to be the most technically savvy person around?


A. No, whatever I’m teaching I teach you the tech part as well.  I’m all about ease of use, I try to keep it as simple as possible for the newbie and for the more advanced.  There’s options provided for everyone. 


Q. Is this just social media training?

A. No, I teach you how to run your business online.  This is marketing and business development.  Social media is just a tool that we use to accomplish our goals, you’ll learn more about how that works once you join. 


Q. Do I need to have a business to join.


A. Yes, I teach several workshops on how to build a business online, but this program is for already established business owners.  If you are thinking of building a business, make sure you’re on my email list as I send out training dates periodically to teach possible entrepreneurs how to figure out what type of business they’d like to have and how to make it happen.