Priced to Serve

Simple Pricing Strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs

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What would life be like if you didn't have to guess on how to price your services, but instead had a clear cut process on how to get it done?!?

Would it make you more confident in your sales calls?  Would you have a greater peace of mind when the ultimate "How much does it cost?" questions raises it's head?  Would you have more security knowing that the process you used to price your services makes perfect sense to you and your customers, and results in more sales!

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  • Foundations to Pricing

    Before you can price your service you need to ensure that the foundation is set.  I’ll teach just what you need to know in order to ensure you’ve set the right foundation for your services.

  • Understanding Pricing Objectives

    With every service there are some monetary goals, and I help you to understand those goals as it relates to pricing your services.

  • Using Various Pricing Strategies

    Once you understand the goals you’ve set for your pricing you can move into utilizing the right strategies to meet your goals.

  • Using Smart Discounting

    Contrary to popular belief discounting is not always the key to closing more deals.  I teach you how to discount smart, and maximize on your revenue

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