If you’ve been anywhere close to the news I’m sure you’ve seen the recent devastation that has happened here along the Texas coast. Hurricane Harvey ripped through our state and cities with record breaking devastation, which we will be recovering from for I don’t know how long to come in the future.

I was fortunate in these recent activities where I was not directly impacted by devastation, which is great for me, but for those that aren’t as fortunate as I am there recovery could take months to get back to a new normal.

Now while I wasn’t immediately impacted, I was not able to leave my home as everything around me was impacted, so I had plenty of time to think of how I could be of assistance. And in my down time I began to understand the real significance of knowing how to operate here online and began to have a deeper appreciation for the skills that I’ve developed in the last 4 years.

So now that I’ve finally got a minute to come and gather my thoughts, I thought it would be great to share how you too can use your online influence to make an impact in these recent events.