Today I want to answer a question I got from one of my students that is currently going through my email marketing boot camp.  As you know, in order to grow your subscribers list, you’ll need something of value to offer them that is going to solve a problem and help them in their right now, but often times as business owners we don’t know where to begin as it relates to what to give away for free.

But today, you’re in luck, because I’m going to give you 3 very easy tips in choosing the right opt-in to offer to your audience to entice them to subscribe to your email list. I hope you enjoy!

Highlights from the video!


  1. Understand where your opt-in is going to lead your subscriber.  If your main goal for building your list is to generate consistent and predictable sales, then you don’t want to create an opt-in that is not going to allow you to do so.
  2. Make it easy to consume.  We live in a society that wants answers quick, especially online.  So you’ve got to ensure that whatever you’re offering answers a quick problem right now, and gives clear direction for the next steps.
  3. Follow up, follow up, follow up.  Have solid email follow up campaigns in place, before hand.

Remember the whole goal of email marketing is to move your subscribers from one part of the customer journey to the next, so make sure your email campaigns are set up in a way to do so.