The Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member Both Personally and Professionally

The Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member Both Personally and Professionally

So as you know I’m a huge Amazon junky for a few reasons, and the benefits for being an Amazon Prime Member both personally and professionally run deep!  One of the first reason is I love being able to get my stuff in two days, that’s personal right, second reason being I love the various opportunities that Amazon presents to make a little extra change, that’s on the professional side you follow me?

So it’s not surprise that when I logged on to social media not too long ago I almost lost my stuff when I read that Amazon is releasing a new Prime Member Benefit that will not only benefit me as a customer, but also benefit my pockets in return, can you say Whoop Whoop!

Now me being who I am I couldn’t just stop at the Facebook post, I needed to go and do a little research for myself, and what I found is a new benefit to prime members called, Prime Wardrobe. The basis of the program is this, in the near future you’ll be able to order 3 or more articles of clothing at no cost as a prime member, try them on for up to 7 days, decide what you want, and only pay for the articles that you keep.  You have the opportunity to save up to 20% on your order depending on what you keep, but you pay nothing out of pocket until you go online and purchase what you want. Then what really topped it off for me is you can attach the included return label, and leave it at your door and they’ll come pick it up, for free!  Can we say, service?!?!?

This new benefit will only be available to prime members, and that investment is heck a low, considering all of the benefits (which I list below in a seco), and on top of that you can take advantage of a 30 day free trial just so you can test the waters to see if it’s a good fit for you.

From a business stand point, if you’re an affiliate, just consider this a gift, lol.  You’ll get to order clothes, pay for what you want, take a cute selfie (because you stay in the camera anyway), post a link to the product and get some of your coins back.  So not only will you be saving while shopping as a customer, you’ve got an opportunity to recoup some of those coins on the back end as an affiliate.  I’m telling you Amazon is bae!!!!

If you aren’t an affiliate I suggest you sign up as one as quick as you can.  If you don’t know how, I’ve created a whole course over in the store to teach you just how to make it happen. I’ll be updating the course here shortly, but the content in the course is absolutely still relevant and can help you get started making some coins as early as today!  You can get access to that course for a small investment of $35 {shameless plug yes :-)}, and you can do so by clicking here —>>> Monetize Yourself as an Amazon Affiliate <<<—.

Now back to Prime benefits, lol.

Just in case you’re wondering what some of the benefits of being a prime member are I’ll list them down below for you.  Prime has been one of the game changers for me both personally and professionally and I’ll gladly share with you how I use it in conjunction with the benefits they outline on their own site.

Benefits of being an Amazon Prime MemberBenefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member


  1. Free 2 Day Shipping it’s self explanatory, but if you’re as lucky as I am to have a fulfillment warehouse close by sometimes you can get it sooner.  I’ve NEVER run into a problem with shipping or returns if I needed to this saves me so much time.
  2. Prime MusicPandora who?  Lol I use prime music all the stinking time and it’s the bomb.  When I’m riding in my car, house parties (I throw these a lot), getting ready for class with The Social Lab, preshows for my webinars, if there are jams playing it comes from Prime Music.  You do have the option to subscribe to Amazon Music but I don’t need it, my playlists and songs do just fine with Prime Music.
  3. Prime PhotosUnlimited Photo storage.  As you know photos take up a lot of storage on your desktop and your drop box, you can store your photos on amazon and link to them from their photo storage.  This lightens the load on your drop box and Google Drive and allows for you to do more with them.  I like it because it’s unlimited and I can share it with up to 5 other people.
  4. Prime Readingis a good one if you’re a reader, I’m not but if that’s your thing then you’d like it.  It’s not Kindle Unlimited but you can access some really good reads and keep yourself busy.  I included it for my book worm friends, but that’s really not my jam.  Lol
  5. Prime Early Access gives you a 30 minute early bird window to show the deals of the day before they release them to everyone which can sometimes be pretty sweet.  If you’re a bargain junky and like to see what’s hot before everyone else does then this might be a sweet deal for you.  I very rarely use it but when I do I like it, lol.
  6. Family Savingsif you’re a prime member you can get an additional 20% savings off of things like diaper subscriptions, which as we all know, then diapers is high, lol, 15% off of baby registry completion, and much more.  Now if you’re a busy mom like I am this is amazing and it’s not really tapped into in my opinion.  There are options on some stuff for FREE 2 hour delivery through Amazon Family and more.  This is something that I use A LOT because I can’t always make it to the grocery store, or I may need something for one of the kids quickly and this is a great way to get access to it.

There are a ton more benefits, but I thought I’d just start there as a inside look for those that may not be familiar with just how powerful Amazon really is and how it can change your stinkin life, lol.

Listen, I also talked about it over on Facebook!!!

If you’re not already a Prime member then you can click the link below to get access to Prime free for 30 days, yes there is a small bounty if you join via the link below 😉 (ijs you know I get it in where I can fit it in), but most importantly you’ll get access to some of the benefits that I listed above.  It’s definitely worth every penny of the investment and I recommend it highly!!!!  So sign up and let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your feedback and your experience.  Outside of that, I’ll see you on my next Facebook live!


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