Add additional streams of income to your creative business as an Amazon Associate

So whether you’re a beauty blogger, wedding planner, fashion stylist or the like, the opportunity for you to earn an income off of the products that you refer in your business is present, and I think most times out of not, we miss it!

What do I mean?


For starts, I watch tons of YouTube videos with makeup artist and beauty bloggers pouring their hearts out about the products that they love but leaving no information on where to find it; or for my wedding planners, your bride needs a registry and you send her to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond; or for my stylist, you put together a banging outfit and you send them to the department store where you make nada off of the sale but you can find a similar item on Amazon and get paid a referral commission in addition to whatever you charge for your services, am I making sense?

So without talking to much, I’m going to let you watch this periscope replay and get some insight into what I mean.  Once you’re done and you’ve decided that you’re sick of leaving money on the table and you want to learn more about how to make this work for you, you can purchase the course below that will walk you through just how to make that work.

I hope this helps you out on today.  I love my creative people, and I love making money even more!  Just a little food for thought.  Enjoy!


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