Here’s a Little Bit About Me…

I am the only social media coach & blogger that focuses on the whole brand.  I understand that in order for you to be successful that all pieces have to line up.  From your messaging, to your branding, to the team that you have behind you, everything has to be in it’s proper place in order for you to develop the well-oiled machine that you deserve.

Kae Whitaker About Kae

Since 2013, when I left my corporate career in sales and marketing, I’ve been using the internet to build and sustain my business. With a family to contribute to, and a 6 figure income to replace, I had to quickly figure out how to make this media monster work in my favor so I could create the comfort for my husband to continue to support my dreams of wanting freedom from the 9-5 misery!

In my four years, I’ve made tons and tons of mistakes, but most importantly I’ve learned tremendously from them and have created every program that I now offer around the systems and processes that I’ve created to help AVOID any more of those costly mistakes and start to see true success!

My Promise to You!

I understand what it means to loose sleep at night, longing for things to fall into place so I no longer had to worry about the stress I was putting on my husband being the only financial provider for our home. I understand what it feels like to want nothing more than to move into enjoying what I dreamed of all along on those miserable corporate days, which was financial and time freedom so I could be more available to my children, and the freedom that I desired to create and operate by my own dog on rules!

As your social media coach, it’s always my promise to you to not waste any of your valuable time and resources.  I know what it’s like to build a business with NO, and I mean NO, extra income to invest in it, and I teach you practical skills that generate revenue, not just popularity.

I understand the nature of your time as a wife, a mother, and a working-preneur so I build my programs to get you the greatest amount of return with the least road to resistance.

Now by no means am I saying that there is no work involved, or that it’s going to be easy, especially on the front end; but what I am saying is that if you follow and completely trust me to lead you, that you’ll be able to set the proper goals for your social media marketing, implement the best processes, create the best marketing messages and generate the income goals that you desire.

I keep it light, I keep it casual and most importantly I keep it productive.  If it’s your desire to learn from a coach that is in tuned to not only what’s happening online, but offline with you as well, then you’ve found your girl, and I can’t wait to get you going on the road to meeting your social media goals, and changing your life for the better forever!