If it’s your desire to learn from a coach that is in tuned to not only what’s happening online, but offline with you as well, then you’ve found your girl!


Since 2013, when I left my corporate career in sales and marketing, I’ve been using the internet to build and sustain my business. With a family to contribute to, and a 6 figure income to replace, I had to quickly figure out how to make this media monster work in my favor so I could create the comfort for my husband to continue to support my dreams of wanting freedom from the 9-5 misery!


And now I teach media mavens, just like you how to get it done so you can accomplish your own goals!

My Philosophy is Simple, It Takes…







virtual coaching experience with kae

Experience the Benefits of Virtual Coaching

The reason why I love virtual community coaching is because it allows us to connect from wherever you are.  Yes I offer 1-on-1 opportunities, but my heart is filled when I’m able to connect with a friend in the UK and still be able to make a huge impact on their life and business.


We’re a tight knit community that are all here to build empires in our own rights, and I love being able to facilitate the energy, while helping you accomplish your financial goals, all done ONLINE!

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