4 Social Media Marketing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore, Pt. 1

4 Social Media Marketing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore, Pt. 1

The reason why I’m talking about this today is because I get a lot of questions from a lot of you that are using social media about how to create exposure for your business from your efforts online. In that same vein, a lot of you are frustrated with just the idea of only posting on your timelines and not getting the results that you’re expecting to see. I don’t care if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, or whatever, there’s a lingering frustration, that social media just doesn’t work, or that it’s a major time suck and in order for you to be successful you have to have goo-gobs and goo-gobs of people following you, or you got to have a whole lot of time, which many of us lack both. When the reality of it is, social media doesn’t have to be hard, we just have to know what to do and there are about 4 social media efforts in place right now that you just can’t ignore, because those are the things that are causing you to leave a whole lot of money on the table.

[<side note> Now I originally thought this would be a single blog post but after writing this bad boy out, this will be a 3 part series, whoop whoop!!!]

So if you can relate to being able to look in your timeline and see somebody else’s success and knowing that you probably don’t have the right recipe, or are not doing enough; and you find yourself asking the question “What in the world could I be doing differently in order to drive those results?”, continue reading because that’s what I want to talk about on today, is how do you create more visibility and exposure for your business, using social media, that is not necessarily completely dependent on your efforts. Especially when you have a small audience of people that is following you and that may or may not be engaged with you.

1. Get comfortable with Podcasts

One of the first things that I like to tell people is to get on the podcast train! I am a huge podcast listener. I listen to podcasts in my car. I listen to podcasts on my desktop.

There are a lot of podcasts that are running around, right?

A lot of times, we think that in order for us to be on somebody’s podcast, that we’ve got to have a whole lot of energy behind our business, which is absolutely not the case. Sometimes, we don’t approach podcasts because 1) we don’t know how they work for our business, we don’t know how we would make it work, and  we don’t know what would we’d talk about on a podcast?  2) we don’t think we have enough stature of our own, in our own business, for somebody to want to have us as a guest on their podcast. We’ll often say things like. “That may not work for me, because I’m still not popular enough.” Then finally 3) we just hadn’t put the pieces together on how to get in front of somebody that is offering a podcast.

Which are all false and not valid points at all.

Allow me to share a statistic really quickly, because I want to help this make sense to you. 21% of people over the age of 12, over the age of 12, has listened to at least one podcast in the last 30 days.

Now, I’m sure you’re like, “Okay, that’s 12 year olds.” Well, that’s interesting because that’s the same amount of 21% of online users that use Twitter, and Twitter is a 400,000 person platform. So if we know this to be true about Twitter just think about how many people are consuming podcasts in a month. Correct. If I know those numbers to be true, then I know that there is a huge opportunity for me to create exposure for my business by leveraging a podcast.

So how do I leverage a podcast you ask?

Glad you asked, allow me to explain.

There’s three ways that you can leverage a podcast and incorporate them into your marketing mix.

1. You can advertise on somebody else’s podcast. I know that if you listen to the podcast, every once in a while you hear, “This podcast was sponsored by, XYZ”, right? Well, you could be a sponsor. That’s an advertisement. The key to that is, going in and saying, “Okay, which podcasts are serving my industry?  Just know that it’s probably going to be for a cost, but if you could sponsor the podcast just as an advertiser, to create some visibility for your business,

2. Host your own. I know that this is the scary piece for some people, because they’re like, “Oh my god, what would I talk about? I’m an interior designer, how do I host my own podcast?” Well, it’s the same way that you would give advice to anybody else. Maybe it’s not you doing all of the talking, but maybe it is you creating an environment for other people to come in and be a part of your local environment.

I’ll give you an example, and some of you probably have come from this podcast. There is a very popular podcast with interior designers called “A Well Designed Business” hosted by Luanne Niagra over at Window Works, she has a fabulous example of what this looks like.

Now Luann’s business is in the interior design industry, but her company itself provides window treatments services.  So the way she conducts her podcasts is she gets an industry of interior designers together every week. She pre-interviews them, pre-records the interview, and then puts them out on a podcast, and allows other industry professionals share their expertise.

You know what that does for her?

It creates a platform for her and her company.  Because of the opportunity sh provides other designers and industry professionals, other designers now know who she is, because she’s providing a resource to the industry. It’s not necessarily her creating the content, but it’s her hosting it and creating the platform that can be effective for her industry by solving a need.

You see how that makes sense? Even though I’m hosting my own podcast as a hairstylist, I don’t have to be the one generating the content, I just have to create the framework for somebody to come in and be able to share their expertise on my platform.

What does that do for you?

It allows you to become an industry expert, because you are now giving opportunities to other experts, and leveraging their audiences to build your own.  Now the other experts are looking at you, because they feel like you have something to offer, they’re grateful for you, and then their audiences become your audience. Your guests of your show are going to share the fact that they are a part of your community with their community  then when once their community arrives and hears the value, they’re going to want to continue listening and coming back to your show, so your community continues to grow, based on somebody else’s expertise. Now you become the beneficiary of a growing thriving audience of niche people by creating a platform built around using someone else’s expertise.

Does that make sense?

3. Be a guest on somebody else’s show.  The same way you would advertise on somebody else’s platform is the same you would you outreach and look for opportunities to be a guest on somebody else’s platform. So consider this, you’re doing business in your niche right, whether it’s weddings, beauty, design or what have you,  so what you want to do is to go out and find those podcasts that are popular in your niche and figure out a way to become a guest.  I can’t tell you how much business I’ve gotten just because I’ve went and spoken on somebody else’s platform. Not necessarily coaching, even if you’re a hairstylist, not necessarily doing a style, but just creating awareness for your business.

One of the number one things that you could do for your business is placement. Is making sure you are in the right place at the right time, and in this world and social media, people are falling in love with people and they want to do business with people that they know, like, and trust. Y’all hear this all the time, but the way that people get an opportunity to know, like, and trust you, is through those platforms where you are placing yourself in the right place at the right time, and providing the answers to their problems while you’re there.

Go and find those opportunities to create exposure, and podcasting is a great way to do that. It’s content that can be re-shared over and over and over again, continuously establishing brand credit for you. They are looking for guests all the time.

Facebook groups are a great way to go and mine and look for opportunities. LinkedIn groups are a great way to go and look for opportunities for yourself to be available on podcasts.  All right so that’s podcasting. That’s the number one- Well, that’s one of the four things that you’re looking for, that you’re probably leaving money on the table, okay? Podcasting.

Now I’m sure that was a mouthful and a half, so I’m going to give you a minute to process all this information and come back to.  In Pt. 2 of this series I’ll give you two more techniques that you’re probably ignoring that is costing you money!

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