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Why Should You Hire Me as Your Coach?

Let’s start with the short story…

I've got over 14 years of Entrepreneurial & Corporate Experience

I run a 6 Figure business myself, with multiple sources of income

I've been through the trenches of it all. Wife, motherhood, guilt, balance (or the lack thereof). I came, I conquering and I made a tshirt ūüôā

Hey Hey Hey.

I’m Kae Whitaker and I’m here to change the way you work and build your business as you’ve known it. Being a high performance business coach & mentor, I help focused and purposed driven women in business cut through their obstacles, operate at peak performance, and create self sustaining businesses without the sacrifice of their everyday lives.


Allow me to share my story with you…

As the highly self motivated and ambition person as I am, I jumped off the bridge into entrepreneurial-ism back in 2013 and I’ve never turned back.


I left my corporate career in sales and marketing development, with no plan and no savings in the bank and started my first business as a web and graphic designer to creative entrepreneurs.


When I started, it was a service that I only provided to close friends, but after about 6 months, close friends turned into several other business owners, and I found myself overwhelmed not in the art that I was providing, but in the time that is was taking me to develop systems and get organized.


I am a sales and marketing professional by trade, so my main focus was to grow the business, but as I grew the business, I quickly realized that I needed to actually GROW THE BUSINESS.  Meaning I needed systems, I needed processes, I needed a team, I needed HELP!


A year went on before I hired my first coach, and if I could be real honest I had no idea what coaching really was.  I knew I needed an adviser, someone that was neutral and could see past my tunnel vision, but I was limited in my thinking as far as what I could afford compared to what I would bring in when things got in line with where they should be.

When I hired my first coach, it was the scariest thing I’ve done to date in my business. ¬†For some reason the ideal of trusting a stranger to help me organize my business seemed far fetched, and I was more than skeptical, but by far it’s been the best investment I’ve made to date for my business.

By working with my coach I quickly realized, that business was way more than the skill I possessed.  She showed me how to create systems in my business, hire personnel, and become the leader of my organization versus wearing all the hats.

I went from self employed and doing everything myself, to being an entrepreneur where I was solving problems and offering solutions, and finding others with the skills necessary to meet the need.

I found myself saving countless hours through thoughtful delegation, and creating more opportunities to create revenue.

I doubled my revenue in just under 18 months, and I found a new freedom that I didn’t know was possible.

Was it easy?

Absolutely not!!!  I will not sit here and tell you that everything was all cupcakes and roses.  As a matter of fact, there were a lot of late nights, long days and tears shed!

Was it worth it?

You’re probably wondering, “If it was that difficult, what did you get out of it,” and let me tell you this, it was the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my business. ¬†The amount of clarity and focused I received is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced business wise and I wouldn’t change any of it if you paid me to!

Did it happen right away?

Nope, it took me somewhere to the tune of 18 months to get my stuff together. ¬†Sustainable business is not a race, it’s a marathon. ¬†It’s strategy combined with skill, tools and hard work. ¬†But that’s just my story, yours could be different, but you’re in control of how the story goes, and if I know like I think I know, you’re up for the ride!

It's time to shift your business into the next level of success!!!

Your Investment in This Business Boosting Experience Starts with a Consultation

One Time Payment of $350

What You're Going to Accomplish in Project 180

My 1-on-1¬† Coaching Program isn’t designed as a 1 size fits all program. ¬†The program is highly customized to the UNIQUE needs of YOUR business, and will be tailored to where you are in life & business currently.


Build An Irresistible Brand

* You’re going to change the way you do business by getting clear on your goals and the action that it takes to actually accomplish those goals.

* You’re going to get a deep understanding of your ideal customer, not just the demographics, but the psycho-graphics. ¬†Learning how they think and their buying behaviors.

* You’re going to bring out your own personal values and beliefs to create your unique impression on the marketplace.

* You’re going to understand the image that you’re projecting to the world and how it affects your overall goals.

Design the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

* I  believe that you should build your business around your lifestyle and not the other way around.

* You’ll learn how to create and manage your schedule so you don’t have to sacrifice the things that matter most to you, creating the balance and peace that you’ve been longing for.

* You’ll develop the confidence and excitement about how you’re going to accomplish your goals. ¬†You’ll start your day energized and on fire because things will become clearer.

* ¬†You’ll create plenty of time for the things that matter to you that aren’t related to business like your kids, partner, ministry, leisure activities, so on and so forth.

Become a High Achiever

* You’ll learn how to set realistic goals that help you accomplish your over plans for life and business success.

* You’ll shift your mindset to that of a winner, learning how to focus on what you’re great at and learning how to manage around your weaknesses.

* You’ll learn to say “No” and create breathing room in your life and business eliminating the things that are not helping you to accomplish your goals.

* You’ll learn how to remove distractions and prioritize to accomplish your goals.

Become a Phenomenal Leader

* Discover your leadership style and understand how you can inspire and influence others in your role.

* Team work makes the dream work – literally – You’ll learn how to build the right team to help you accomplish your goals.¬†

* You’ll learn how to become the CEO and transition from being self employed learning how to thoughtfully delegate your passion and responsibilities to others in your team.

* You’ll learn how to build a community around your brand though the connection of your leadership style both online and off.¬†

Learn How to Strategize for Longevity

* You’ll learn how to create a road map that will guide your decision making process and help you accomplish your overall goals.¬†

* You’ll learn how to measure your success through numbers, the good, the bad the ugly and the indifferent and use those numbers to make the best decisions for your next steps.

* You’ll learn how to create a system that supports your strategy and your lifestyle, keeping your balance and calm along the way.

Connections, Community & Influence

* You’ll build connections that will foster accountability and mentorship that will keep you on track to help you achieve your goals.

* You will learn the art of authentic collaboration that will help to accelerate your growth.

* You will learn how to build a network that will push you to greater heights and keep you from becoming complacent in your success.

How it Works

A 90 Minute Audit

In our first meeting we’re going to spend some time taking a deep look at what’s happening in your business right now. ¬†We’ll determine your challenges and your strengths and we’ll develop a blue print together that will help you accomplish your desired success.¬†

12 Coaching Sessions

If we determine after our consultation that the long term 1-on-1 coaching is the best option for you, we’ll meet 2 times out of the month to go over your strategy and keep you executing. ¬†Yes it’s aggressive but you’ll have plenty of time to complete your assignments before our next meeting. ¬†Each meeting is recorded and available for unlimited review.¬†

Unlimited Email Support

If we do this right you’ll have questions, and any GOOD coaching program will provide support. ¬†You’ll have unlimited email support to myself to ask your questions and get direction in between our sessions.¬†

Access to All My Training

In addition to being a long term client you will also get access to my growing library of courses offered through my Inner Circle program for the duration of our time together. ¬†You’ll learn through my virtual training¬†how to use the internet as a compliment to what we’ll be doing together and strengthen your skills both offline and on.¬†

A 30 Minute Post Coaching Session

In this session we’ll reflect and get ready to release you on your own to fly! ¬†We’ll make note of your progress and the things you’ll have left to accomplish and have a timeline in place to follow up at that time. ¬†We’ll send you off for success!

Space is Limited

I’ve only got 5 opportunities for this coaching program open at the moment. ¬†Because of the limited space I carefully review each application that is submitted personally. ¬†Looking forward to working with you soon!

" target="_self" class="qbutton big_large center default" style="font-style: normal; font-weight: 300; ">Apply Now!!!

Now This is NOT a Good Fit For Everyone

You should not apply if you meet any of the following conditions.

You find yourself paralyzed by your everyday life, and aren't willing to take a short term sacrifice to achieve a long term gain.

This program is not for the faint at heart. ¬†I know that you’re probably overwhelmed and stressed, but this program is not going to eliminate the amount of work you’ll have to do initially it will be more, but it is for the greater gain. ¬†If you can’t see past where you are right now and aren’t willing to work now so you can play later, this program isn’t for you.

If you're looking for a short term magic pill.

There is no magic pill for success, it’s trial and error. Then measure, adjust and repeat. If you’re looking to wave a magic wand and suddenly everything is perfect, that’s not reality. ¬†This program is designed to get you educated, trained and equipped, it will take time once this program is over to get you where you want to be, and the right candidate for this program understands and embraces that. ¬†If that reality doesn’t match what you’re looking for, then this isn’t for you.¬†

If you think you already know what's best.

If you’ve already got the master plan on when and what you’re going to do you need training not coaching, there’s a difference. ¬†Training will teach the technical skills to accomplish what you’re trying to do, while coaching gives insight, suggestions, recommendations, and wisdom. ¬†If you’re dead set on what you want to do and how you want to get there, you won’t enjoy this program, you may need to look along the terms of outsourcing, just a suggestion.¬†

If you aren't ready to commit mentally or financially.

You’ve got to be willing to not only commit to the bill but to the work. ¬†This is a program designed for action and if you are afraid to make mistakes and use the tools and direction that you’ll be given in this program to increase your income and capacity then this won’t be a good fit for you.¬†

But I’m pretty confident that this isn’t you. ¬†You know why? Because you’ve made it all the way to this point, which means something here has you intrigued and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and I’m here to support you to get it done!

Imagine What Life Could Be Like if You Had Access to The Knowledge You Need to Move Your Business Forward

If you could take back control of your time, live a happier & more balanced life, and become the phenomenal CEO of a impactful and sustainable business!!!

You deserve to build and run the empire of your dreams, and I’m excited about what’s next for you!!!

You’re only one decision away from a totally different life