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What we do!

Work with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to create customized marketing strategies designed to separate their brand from the competition and attract their ideal clients.

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How we do it!

Our creative strategies marry content and technology designed to help your organization develop and maintain deep customer relationships that lead to new, returning and referral customers!

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Each of our services are tailor made to fit the needs of each of our individual clients. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization get the the next level.

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Branding and Your Email Address


Today I want to talk about branding and your email address and why I feel it ‘s very important to have an email address that is located at your domain address.

Before I start, I do want to say this, I do understand that maybe not everyone knows how to set up your email address on your domain address, but that’ s going to change today.

I ‘ve seen a lot of this lately, and if I’ m

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A list of some of our Services

Digital Branding & Identity Development

Whether you like it or not, the old saying still holds true, 1st Impressions are lasting ones, and there is nothing you can do about it!

Market-ResearchIn today’s online world, you are have to get a head start on the opinion that your potential clients, partners, investors, and anyone else for that matter, forms about you brand; and that head start comes from the very 1st piece of communication you place online!

When delivering your message online it should be reflective of the core values of your organization along with being in a tone that your audience can relate to.  You are responsible for connecting with your audience by inspiring, informing, and transforming people’s thoughts and buying decisions around your product or service in your market.

You and your company are the leaders in information and ability, and your message should reflect nothing less! 

Consumers buy from people not companies, and it’s our job to make sure your brand is human and personable through all forms of your online communication!

Our Brand Strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Market research related to your niche
  • High impact Focus Groups with your clients and executive team members to decide the needs of your organization based on the perspective of the two
  • Service & Pricing Strategies that make sense to your audience and are competitive in your market
  • Build & launch an online social brand that is modeled around the core values of your brand that connects, influences, informs, & inspires your audience
  • Social integration into sales & marketing campaigns
  • Establish and keep up online relationships with consistent & relevant content
  • Custom website, Blog sites, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, email templates & more.  

 For more information about our Online Brand Strategy click the button below to fill out our quick form and we’ll contact you within 24 business hours of receipt! 

Social Media Consulting

In an ever changing online environment the of idea Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming for you if you’re a business owner that might be a Solo-preneur, if you have a small team, or if you’re a company that is not familiar with the avenues to take to reach your prime audience.

Online-Presence-ManagementKae Whitaker Solutions offers  Social Media Consulting in the form of assessments, strategic planning, content strategies, and continued support to help you overcome that overwhelm and confusion you may be experiencing and to help you be well on your way to having an active online community, through processes that are both easy to implement and affordable to your budget.  

Our goal is to not only get your company set up for success but to teach you the skills that you need for future success long after we are gone.  We focus on creating strategies that will provide sustainability and the flexibility needed to create a community that will engage and grow for time to come!

Find out more about each one of our services below. 

Social Media Strategic Plan

  • Custom Built Strategy considering Budget and Market
  • Content Engagement Strategy
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Reporting System to measure results

Social Media Content Strategy

  • Native Content Creation
  • Content Creation consistant with your brand
  • Engaging Content
  • Content that sells for you

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly Updates to Facebook changes
  • 1 Strategy Check Point per month
  • 20% Discount all Future Products and Services
  • Cancel at any time!

Social Media Management

We understand that sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with your company’s Social Media needs!  We also know that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you efforts just aren’t good enough alone, and that’s why we created our Social Media Management service.

Responsive-Design2Whether you struggle with creating content, or maintaining and monitoring the reputation of your brand, our approach to Social Media management is to partner with you to take on as much or as little as you want us to do on an ongoing basis to help you maximize your time, money and efforts to reach your goals.  We discuss the needs of your company with you and any key players to formulate a strategy that best suites your needs to get your organization to its goals.  

Below are some of the services  included in our Social Media Management; our services are custom to your needs, so if you don’t see something below don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we do it all!  We’ve got you covered!


Our management services include:

  • Social strategy
  • Social Listening
  • Community Management
  • Content Development and Implementation
  • Social Measurement and Analytics

Just to name a few! 

If you’re interested in knowing how we can best serve your business and your needs fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact within 24 business hours! 

Social Media Training

THE SOCIAL LAB is a virtual coaching program built for Small Business Owners looking to sharpen their sales and marketing strategies to grow online and earn more business.

I created this program because I run across so many business owners that not only nthe social lab final_transparent pngeed help with creating an offline strategy, but realize that social media and online communications play a huge role in referrals, but they have no idea how to create a presence that builds a profitable business that will support their dreams.  Lot’s of them feel completely overwhelmed with the influx of information coming from all over the internet along with the time that they’ve been spending on trying to make it work, that they are at a point of pure frustration and ready to throw in the towel.   And I completely understand, I was there not too long ago myself!

The Social Lab Provides:

  • Marketing techniques needed to build an online brand (they don’t teach you this in school)
  • The ins and outs of various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram and how they benefit your brand
  • Management techniques that won’t take up all of your time
  • An exclusive community of entrepreneurs all offering tons of support 
  • A mastermind community to provide insight and feedback on different projects or questions you may have along the way

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  • Building a business came with some challenges and financial woes for me, however I can say making the investment to hire Kae as my coach is by far one of the best decisions I could've made for my business. Kae helps me to horn in on my craft, and she keeps me focused on the end results. She has been so helpful in getting my business structured exactly where it needs to be so I can remain competitive and having her to call when I'm experiencing obstacles or excited about accomplishments gives me the extra push that I need to keep going!

    Thomasina Burns, Styles for Life